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  1. You're up and running, Great! Very nice, everything looks fantastic! On a side note, I like the idea of having the RRS feed. Bob
  2. I think it's great, and I wish you the best of luck! I am looking forward to your Grand Opening... Bob
  3. Wow, just awesome!! I've been away for a while, and I haven't had a chance to read the whole thread. Is this a project for fun or will it be a business? By degree and experience, I'm a Mechanical Engineer, and this deintely proves that you need to have artistic ability outside of A:M. Keep up and the Great Work and Thanks for sharing with us! Bob
  4. Wow, that looks Great!! I keep telling myself, someday I'll get to that level. Fantastic!
  5. Wow, that looks Great!! I keep telling myself, someday I'll get to that level. Fantastic!
  6. Excellent, very nice Mark! Thanks for sharing..... Bob
  7. I think these are great skills to have..... I'm just a newbie and have a long way to go. The modeling will come in time, as with any skill, it takes time to develop. Have you ever thought about bundling all of your projects in a training dvd or similar?
  8. They both look great to me..... Where do you come with these ideas? I've noticed that you come up with a lot of new ideas or projects to work on.
  9. I think it looks Great! Keep up the good work..... Bob
  10. There is no automatic way to do it. You have to manually create the the 3d object or objects in A:M
  11. You would call the "Transfer Department" on the 8th floor and ask for Jill. She has the "3D transfer forms" that need to be filled out and will put one in the mail for you. Fax the completed form back to the the Transfer Department (Make sure to include the "Transfer Allocation ID number" when you fill out the form.). Usually after 6 to 8 weeks they will get back to you with the proper documents and approvals from the background check for you to apply for a "3D Transfer License". It could take another 3 to 6 weeks before you get your official "3D transfer ID Card". Once you have your ID card, post here and we can tell you how to use it with AM to "transfer a picture to 3d". I'm just pulling your leg. there is no Jill on the 8th floor... it's Alice on the 6th floor. I'm kidding again! Seriously though, if you could give us a little more information about what you are trying to do we can help you better. AM can do a lot of things with a picture (decal it, warp it, make it move, rotoscope it, etc). If you narrow it down it may save time. And of course try to do the tutorials (if you don't do the tutorials Denise in Human Resources on the second floor will put mean post it notes on your desk). p.s. I should have been a bureaucrat. I could have designed really complex processes for getting information. p.s.s. There is no Denise in Human Resources. -vern Nice!
  12. Excellent Gerry! Looks really good! Thanks for sharing your work as it progressed, it helps a newbie like me to learn. Also, if you ever donate the Santa and Sleigh, I would be interested... Regards, Bob
  13. Wow, excellent work! I hope some day to get to this level..... I'm glad to hear everything worked out well. I agree, this board is Awesome! Bob
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