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  1. Barnabas


    Any good 3D animation podcasts out there?
  2. Oh, I know that, but what I am missing is the presets (Final, Preview...), they are not there? I know I can make some, but as a newbie they where nice to have My bad!
  3. I don't have the, preset settings in the render to file dialog, Is there any way to get them back?
  4. Did not work. Btw, can I use A:M (the same serial) on windows if I run it in bootcamp on My Mac, its the same machine.
  5. Yup, if you mean paid for, serial and all. A:M starts fine except for the popup. This is a screenshot:
  6. Hi. Just subscribed to A:M for a year, to test the program. Every time I start A:M there is a Animation Master Registration dialog popping up, how do I remove it? I'm running on a Intel Core 2 Duo iMac and Leopard.
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