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  1. What is it and what does it do? My computer is being fixed right now so I can't test it.
  2. Mr. C

    Back in

    Hello again, I took a break from animation but I'm gonna start again. Just saying hi.
  3. Mr. C


    i have a prob, im working of flower power and when it says open the attributes of the stem the little arrow isent there any ideas?
  4. Mr. C


    Woohoo, should be here Monday, I can't wait.
  5. I've had this idea for awhile, and it used to be for authers. But why not have a website were artists, writers, and storyboarders (did I get that last one right?) can come together and share ideas. People could collaborate on projects and make shorts for the world to see, and maybe have a show case were companies could view peoples work and perhaps offer jobs.
  6. Have a 3d high quality gun that I could use, When I start out, I plan to use premade objects to learn, then move on to modeling. Preferebly a berreta/DE/.45
  7. An AMV combining different artisits work and swicthing between scene. We would pick a song, then each do a little animation for it... still need to get my copy of AM back from my teacher though...
  8. Mr. C


    ahhhh, I was in the wrong mode I think. Thanks you guys, helpful as always!
  9. Mr. C

    Yet another qustion

    Ok, thanks. Any ideas for gunshot wounds?
  10. Mr. C

    Yet another qustion

    Ok, sorry if this was an odd qustion, But I wan tto do a short with two ninjas fighting and I need blood....
  11. How do you add blood and gore? like if one character takes off other charaters head with sword how do I do a "fountain of blood" affect? particles and sprites?
  12. Mr. C

    I have this idea

    For more info, It's going to be about (planned) 3-5 minutes long, with an intro and an outro. Gonna be my cats versus evil dog alien. New meaning to the word "kibbles"
  13. K, can't wait to get into this after I complete TAO:AM
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