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  1. Hey Martin, just got to say a big 'Thank You'! As someone who has played a small planet wildly orbiting the blazing sun of your brilliance for almost 30 years (and I mean that) I am very thankful for you and the little program that you birthed so long ago. A large part of my career can be directly attributed to your little program that could. It's made me a 'butt'load of money through the years. Even with big dollar programs and cutting edge tools at my disposal, I still find myself jumping back to the little program that's hung with me all this time...warts and all. Pre-Avalanche was a new startup called Sculptured Software...aka George Metos, Hal Rushton, and crew in the days of Atari, Gameboy and the beginning of the Nintendo NES. I somehow found your program way back then and used it to animate the base loops for sprite based character animation. It was the beginning of a long journey. I was a freelancer and HASH was the largest tool in my toolkit (right alongside DPaint and DPaint Animator. :-) As the years have rolled by I've been privy to some of the yuck that you described in the short history that started this thread. I was a contractor and did stints with Avalanche and many other studios back in the day. I even used custom tools (obviously AM spinoffs) used by Disney/Avalanche in SLC. As a contractor, I didn't know any of the backstory but was jazzed that the tools were based on AM because they were familiar to me. Of course, Jeff B. was mum about it all. I'll leave things there...like water long ago swept under the proverbial bridge, and just end by saying what I feel. Thanks for your brilliance, for your fortitude, and for unknowingly helping me set the course of my career in the world of visual imagery. It's been a great ride! It still is.
  2. I'm having the same issues in V.17f on two different PC's. One with an Nvidia card and one with an ATI... Same project renders fine on co-workers Mac. No options available except an OpenGL tab. Let me know if you find anything out. I just keep pestering my co-worker. I get the following error message: Failed InitBoundRenderInfo
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