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  1. The .MAC file store only the keyboard shortcut customizations. The layouts are stored in the registry. (under //layouts)
  2. It's for the case , when the destination cp's already assigned to the correct bones. If unchaecked, It should transfer in this case only the cp weights.
  3. If You scale the model with factor 1000, before exporting !, the problem will not longer exist. The problem is that the precision for float type are to low for splitting the 5 point patches . See #0006973 for a more detailed explanation (in german)
  4. This is the original model, after Renumber and Refind Normals. For the shading problem . Have a look at the bias values for CP#219 and CP#223 , they should have identical values to achive the same shading.
  5. Try with the attached model Fruehauf_hinge_renumber.mdl
  6. Try "Renumber CP's" , than "Refind Normals" . I think the problem is coming from some insert operations, needs more observation.
  7. I can only repeat this problem with extremly zoomed views , this will be fixed in the next version . @r.reynolds a screenshot from the whole a:m window will be helpfull.
  8. This reset dialogs, which have a "Don't ask again" checkbox (as example the Embedd All dialog), to their default value.
  9. There must be a problem with the specific installation . Let me see the master.log file , than I can say more
  10. Like the attached video ? This is possible , but I don't know yet, if it will be possible for all particlesystems, (streaks and blobbies , yes, the other I must check first) And it needs a new boolproperty in the particle system settings (suggestion for naming welcome ) , to control the behavior of color changing. But in general changing, surface attributes for particle systems in a chor or action will not work. I have spent yesterday some hours to figure out this . Your way is the correct way , and when I remember correct , it's so described in TechRef too. 2020-04-27.mp4
  11. As a workaround What's working is , when You key the color change in the material cache , not in the instance . streak2.prj
  12. Can You please provide more details ? In special name of the wave file and where it reside (local or network drive) .
  13. I don't have Enhance A:M (and the website doesn't exist longer), so I can't check if it will be possible to change the sdk back . Maybe I need only some wrappers , but without such a plugin ,no way.
  14. For clarification A 64bit version for the mac would need a complete rewrite (splitting the codebase ,Metal instead of OpenGL) and I don't have the manpower nor the knowledge nor the willing for doing this . And for the second , this is my personal decision . I won't buy a new mac and support Apple. My mac mini is from mid 2012 , has 16 GB memory and SSD drives. So there is no need for new hardware in my eyes. It is fast enough to compile A:M ... And if You have still installed 10.7 or 10.8 make a A:M bench with this version and OSX versions above 10.10 , You'll see a performance drop from around 5-10% (scene dependending) on the same hardware. Hint have a look in your logfiles and search for Spindump 😞 .
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