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  1. Very nice modell... seems like a character to be loved... till he punish you for not going out enough with him I like it... a goblin or what excactly is it? *Fuchur*
  2. I think, for the renderingquality: They know how to use lights, and they know what shaders are It lloks a bit, like they used yves shader for faking SSS... *Fuchur*
  3. Jep, would be nice... The Porsche looks great... good work! *Fuchur*
  4. *lol* Hups.... you r right... charm... sorry... Nothing to be ashamed of... *Fuchur*
  5. I am using the latest version of A:M 11.1 and it works like a shame... I love the plugin Marcel... very very very useful! *Fuchur*
  6. hm... maybe u could do that with the dynamic-constraint, but I would try to pose it.... u get more control with that methode... *Fuchur*
  7. *lol* U did it again... Wasnt that serious so... I like your model... very clean... Keep us informed... *Fuchur*
  8. Not only, that these modells are superpe in terms of anatomic correct modelling and a great ligthening and so on... (blabla, u heard it 1000 times) but I am although amazed, how smooth the surface is... I mean, it seems as u dont use any 5-Pointer or 3-Point-Patches or as u could tell me a lot about using Porcelain... How the hell do u get the surface to smooth? You know the babes of other 3d-Packetes, of which they are thinking, they are that cool, like the one of Lig... aeh, u know which I mean? I think your girls are much better... ( I really like the kokubu-pictures =) ) *Fu
  9. Not so bad, but it is a german car, so it is a german name... not a american or british or whatever... *Fuchur*
  10. Wow... I really think it would be a great new mascot for the next version or whatever... very nice! *Fuchur*
  11. ...and pleasepleaseplease: Porsche, not pourche or whatever... *fuchur*
  12. i think v6 is quite good... I dont think u will get much better results... *fuchur*
  13. Hm... I dont know the story from oz, but I think for a robot or a metal-man or whatever, he walks too smooth, dont u think? *fuchur*
  14. Try to add another spline-ring bevor you do such a hard jump, which should be on the same level as the one u got. Dont know if it helps, but could... *fuchur*
  15. Or you could use xnview... it's like ACDsee but for free... XnView *Fuchur*
  16. But the collesion-detection is very nice... I dont see his legs ever... *fuchur*
  17. I dont know if that helps: Saturn and Media Markt are the biggest electronical shops in Europe with I think about 400 or more markets here... What only a few people know: Both are owned by the metro-group (do you know them in the US?) but they always seem to fight eachother in commercials and others... A great, but manipulating commercial-strategy... *Fuchur*
  18. hm... you could say the splines, they should render as lines (groupproperty-render as line) and render it with that... that would make a wireframe, even if it would be a fake... *Fuchur*
  19. It is a fast an easy way: Make a model of the gun and a model of the bullet... Go to the chereographie-window and add both... constrain the model of the bullet in the model of the gun(translaet and orientlike-constrain and if you want it to go out, set the strength of the constrains to 0 and move the bullet where you want it to be... I did that some time ago with a western-story of mine... it isnt that hard, if you understand how constrains work... *Fuchur*
  20. Short-manual on bump-maps: 1) make a model you want to add a bump-map to. 2) right-click in the ProjectWorkSpace on the Images-Folder and choose your imagefile which should be a bumpmap(more specific on bump maps below) 3) go to the model and right-click in the modeling-window or on the entry in the PWS and choose new->decal 4) Choose the image you want to be a bumpmap 5) in the pws will appear a new entry under the modelentry (for example decal 1) 6) click on the arrow next to the decal 1 entry 7) go the image-entry under the decalentry and click on the image 8) open the
  21. I can see the details quite well... maybe you should adjust your gamma-settings (or I should adjust mine...) but you could increase the strength of the lights a bit, so everybody can see it... I dont know if he would help you there... you should ask him by a personal message or mail... but it would be more useful since turbo is more used by 3ds&maya-users than A:m-Users... *Fuchur*
  22. Just a thought... I dont know how many A:M-users are with turbo... why dont you ask Wegg to post the models for you on eggprops? Maybe you could find a solution... *Fuchur*
  23. Lightimages are images, which will limit a light without geometry... in Victor Navone's Alien Song he uses lightimages for the lighteffects on the ground... You could try to make a image, place a klieg in front of the whole and give the image to the light... The image would be a black/white-image. I think the white parts are the one which will be shine through, black parts will prefend the light to appear. If you give the image the whole-shape, it could work out. But I never used it with Volumetrics. Just try it out. I think you can give an image to a light by simply drag and drop
  24. You can use a klieg for that and turn volometrics on... if you just want to show the light on another object like a shine through a window, you can use a light-image... If you want to know more, I(or someone else) will tell you more... *Fuchur*
  25. Hm... why dont you apply glow to the surface of the lightsource? Just go to your bulb-model, select the group with the glas, go to surface and search for the glow-property. The light is illuminating the bulb, but what you are searching for, would only be possible with a very heavy fall-off and a HUGE intensity... the best way is to use the glow-property... the strength can be manipulated by your chereographie-settings or ambiance-strength... Ah, by the way: Glow will only be rendered if you make a final rendering (so, the blue-box-renderbutton, not the green) *Fuchur*
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