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  1. Great Work, Look forward to seeing more!
  2. Ya i'll add a body at some point... Want to give A:M paint a try on this guy, looks like a great App!
  3. Thanks for the comments Guys. m
  4. Hello, Been a long time since posting anything. was playing around with A:M the other day and came up with this guy. m
  5. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the comments and compliments! just working on an animation. i'll keep you guys posted.
  6. Here is a sample of some different multipass renders. Multipass really shines when it comes to accurate depth of field and motion blur. it makes the render look more refined in my opinion. some edge lighting with gradients for the bug shading.
  7. Hi Guys, Thanks for the comments. Here's a wireframe. Ya your right about the floor John... I think it's partially because of the texture I used on the floor.
  8. Hi Everyone, Here is my latest render. 25 multipass.
  9. Hi Ross, Here is a sample of what the textures i used look like. hehe... no Jedi tricks here, just some manipulation of a photo.
  10. Thanks everyone Thanks for pointing the 5point patch out Hutch, it's a good point, i can see that being a cause for weird creasing later when she smiles or talks.
  11. Combined some textures to get more definition in the maps. hehe... thanks Mike
  12. Thanks for the Compliments guys! She was reworked from an exhisting model I had. Here's a wireframe of her sofar.
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