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  1. Maybe you could deliever the model to us, so we could look into it and give you some more tips on doing it better? *Fuchur* PS: I dont think that is it too bad after all... if you get the creases out, it will get a good model (maybe)
  2. I think you just pushed the extrude-button at the wrong places... Try to connect the splines by hand where they are too straight and it should work better... In the end you can make a smooth surface in many ways. Maybe even like what you did here... If you have too many problems with the handlers(shouldnt be there... maybe when you try to animate them but not in the modelling-window) you can control the biases by activating the "Show Manipulator Properties"-option or in the properties itself, but that needs some expierence. *Fuchur* PS: After that you can try the smooth-plu
  3. Someone ask about the English in the spot, so I will explain it and play the "smart ass/wise guy": It is not unusal to have a english slogan for companies in Germany (or even whole Europe). But actually they had a little bit fun with words there, yes... Bisc&(Biscand) is the name of the biscuits/cookies you can see in the spot. The German 'Biss' (quite equally spoken) have a second meaning: something to eat has a nice bite/(pep). (bite = Biss) So: No bite, no fun no bisc no fun *Fuchur* PS: Fun is a word every german will understand...
  4. You've got some nice translate-programs... What do you use? *Fuchur* PS: Very cool boys-> sehr cool jungs...
  5. Really nice work, would be a funny interface which reminds me to the interface of another 3d program from caligari, but why do you do that all? I mean it is quite complex and it doesnt do more than getting rid of the pose-sliders-tab, or? *Fuchur*
  6. Why dont you just make a jpg-file, hm? *Fuchur*
  7. You can add a imagemap to your light (->lightmap) that will do that effect too... I dont know if he did that or if he just used a normal light... *Fuchur*
  8. I think in the movie they glow a bit too... Nice job! *Fuchur*
  9. Really really nice animation.... I will have a nightmare... If I would meet this guy anywhere, I would just run away or hit him with something to prefend him on doing something to me... EXTREMLY Cr4zY, very nice! *Fuchur*
  10. Very nice for the first try... I hope you want some critics? His chest is a little bit to big for the rest, dont you think? You could try to use the scale-tool just in one direction and it would be fine, I think... What can be tricky is the robe he now has... Clothanimation is a quite difficult thing and u should assume to use a trousers or something like that... will make it in many ways easier to animate him... You could although think about the arms... they look a little bit too boxy and if you try to round them a bit, it would help, I think... I although think, that th
  11. Much better you are right... Really nice model... *Fuchur*
  12. Funny nice character.... It looks very nice and I like the style and lightening... *Fuchur*
  13. *grin* I like big butts and i can not hide, what other boys cant deny... I like nice (ah, lets say feminine) butts, but I dont know... it is a little bit too much, dont you think so? She has to be a little bit taller or anything... cant really say what it is... It is really just a nuance (just a tiny-little bit too much) *Fuchur*
  14. It is a really great model, but I dont know... is this woman not too small? I think she has a damn big backside for her size, and I think you should try to make the muscles a little less seeable... it's great because you know the whole muscles in a human body and that is quite impressive, but she looks like a women from a muscle-competition.... I would be happy if my muscles were as trained as her muscles are... Hm... and I think the knees are a little bit too small... even the thinest person couldnt stay one that knees... But maybe that is just your style... But in the end I am
  15. Damn nice... maybe you should use the smooth-plugin from sgross, but damn nice thingy.... Looks great. *Fuchur*
  16. Only thing I can see: I dont think that any superhero would has his suit/cloth going above the lids of there eyes... you should make the lids in the skin-colour... *Fuchur*
  17. Nice Renderingquality... I cant realize what you are showing to us on the pic, but it looks fine... *Fuchur*
  18. Wow... damn nice thingy.... i like him... *Fuchur*
  19. ...okay boys... when will we archieve world peace? *gg* I was wondering if it would be possible to count the A:M-Users all over the world? Would be very interesting to know how many there are... Dont know how, so... it would be possible to count the ips which download the updates or so.... *Fuchur* PS: I dont know which number i have, but i am here since 19. September 03...
  20. Will you do the effect when it is activated? I am interested in how you do that... Oh, by the way: Nice Work! *Fuchur*
  21. Hi A:M-Users... You can find the German-User-Group at www.am-user.net. We would be pleased to see you. If you cant speak german: Dont hesitate and visit us. There is a english version of the HP... *Fuchur*
  22. Is it possible to make that with an hairimage? I like to make leaves which will go through spring, sommer... etc. ??? *Fuchur*
  23. Nice effect, but why dont u try to use spriticles instead of hair? Should work as well and i think it will be more realistic and will take less time to render... *Fuchur*
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