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  1. here is a video of window media example what I mean, but thank Fuchur still it not what i mean. Download the video and also how do they make a pose to show finger off and on??? poses_tab_and_show_finger.wmv
  2. Does anyone know how to do or there any tutorial on anime eye or keekat eye rig? Thank you
  3. Hmmm i know I get confused to sorry, example open keekat and open action and check on pose sliders. Notice that there is all, face, rig and hands tap. Now I know how to make the tap folder but how do you make all tap and have all the face, rig and hand poses inside all poses tap??
  4. How do I make a copy of all the rigs and lips poses that already have it own tap and make a new tap call it all and have all the rig and lips but still have the rigs and lips tap on the poses????
  5. Does anyone know what version does "the setup machine 2" support. I know it a freeware.
  6. San Diego Comicon? Hash was there at San Diego Comicon? I thought that is for comic? Hmmm even thou it for graphic too, interesting.
  7. Is there going to be Siggraph 2007 and up??
  8. I just want to know which one is better for using AM, a wacom tablet or optical mouse in a long run?
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