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  1. Thanks a bunch! I'll try and put it in and see how it goes. I hope you didn't spend too much time getting it ready. I'll post here again when I get the rig installed. matt
  2. [attachmentid=16418] I finally created that faun character I've been thinking about. Did you finish up this rig? I'd love to try it out. Have you updated the rig since the the project file in your initial post? cheers, matt
  3. It looks like it works pretty well. How easy is it to animate with? (I've had a faun character I've been thinking of making for years...)
  4. Just a quick question: in Duel, I think I saw a few spots where the limbs were stretching. Does TSM2 include limb stretching or was that added after the fact? (I mean limb stretching like in incredibles--not elastigirl, just the cartoony squash and stretch they used). Thanks, Matt
  5. I don't have any coffee for you, but I'd say don't use CP weights. (this is all my personal opinion): I think the traditional fanbones/ smartskin is still a very good way to go, and you probably have better control of what the mesh looks like as it deforms. Granted, if you are going to put scales on a snake or something like in the tuts about cp weighting, it is good. But for plain old characters, Smartskin and a few fan bones work wonders. (besides, I still can't get weighting to do anything worth while!) good luck on your boning! matt
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