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  1. Awesome scene! Thanks so much.
  2. If we want to use the bus as titling, we could whip up a chor. with the bus in it, and each animator could decorate the bus if they desire, render it with an alpha channel, and send it to the editor to use as the title before his scene. That put's the least burden on the editor. if the individual doesn't want to decorate the bus, they don't have to... ...or, as a secondary project, people could just decorate buses. They could be used as transitions between scenes (with no titles) to give a little variety. So the buses could be their own contribution, instead of *just* a transition. And if some people are texture artists more than animators they could contribute, too. A single image would suffice for the bus, so they wouldn't take long to render at all.
  3. I agree that the old sign was better. That makes it look like it could be anywhere. A "special" sign makes it a specific locale. Think of it as a sitcom. Anything can happen in each episode, but the the "status quo" (the bus stop set) must be back to normal at the end of every episode. Nothing earth-shattering can happen in a sitcom that ins't back to normal at the end of the show. If you blow up the bench, somebody has to put a new one back before it's over. This will preserve continuity, and make it all fit together, giving the editor freedom to arrange the scenes for best effect without any other worries. IMHO BTW, I love the set. (man, I really want to do it...can I commit?)
  4. I don't know if I'll have time to join or not, but if I did, I'd like to do the bus stop. Much less constricting than in a room. I like that the only commonality is the background and the bus driving in/out.
  5. what software did you use to import the camera move into AM? I tried a few free-ware ones a while back with no good results.
  6. I'm curious what you did to get the camera moves. Are they hand animated? Having a shaky cam like that really pulls you out of the "oh it's cg" feeling. Makes it interesting.
  7. Great, and humorous! One little picky thing... (I know you didn't ask for crits, so please don't be offended)...The car appears to totally freeze right before the jump. If it made some kind of pose to anticipate the jump, it would help, rather than just settling back to the default pose.
  8. Interaction (like fighting) between two characters is one of the hardest things to animate well. You did a great job. I think the feeling of weight is missing sometimes (as others mentioned). And sometimes it feels like fake WWF fighting instead of "real" fighting. That may be due to the weight issue. There is one particular "hit" from the camo guy that looks like it is faked and doesn't really hit Lucho. Keep up the good work!
  9. Looking good. I have one suggestion for you: the thief looks "beefier" than the fighter. If you buffed up the fighter a bit he'd look more intimidating. Keep up the good work!
  10. I think you should make the hills overlap at leas slightly rather than seeing them both begin in the valley. It will add depth. and another layer of hills/mountains in the background would be great, too. Keep up the good work!
  11. I like the concept, and the machines are cool, but I feel like there should be some swaying about since theres only one wheel. And a close up of the Cucuracha (sp?) would get us more involved in him as a character. We never get a good look at him. I severly respect that you made the steam engine crankshaft work like it is supposed to!
  12. I have been intrigued by the warhammer universe, but have only been able to play it a little bit. I am way over committed right now or I would like to try to help you out. I am not at all trying to rain on your parade, and if you want to do this, you should go for it. But here are a few tips I've learned from my own many (dozens) of aborted projects and (very) few completed ones: 1: Keep it short! Two or three minutes is an amazingly long time when you're working at 24 or 30 fps. Reign in the grand vision at least a little bit. 2: Script it (or storyboard). If you don't know where you are going, you will never get there. I have many times got a "great" idea and started modeling with only the slightest glimmer of an idea what I was going to do when I got the model done. Invariably I would bog down after a few animation tests and starting on the second or so character and realizing I really had no story. If it doesn't work on its own as a short (even tiny) story, it won't work as an animation, and you'll have a hard time completing it. And if you do manage to finish something, when you get to the end and there's no real drama, you won't get nearly the response for it from the "audience" that you would hope. 3: Take the bull by the horns. If you want it done, you will have to do it. volunteer internet projects usually don't get done unless there are a few people really pushing and working. You will probably get some help, but people don't usually have as much passion for your project as you do. That being said, start drawing, and writing, maybe do a little modeling, and good luck! Have fun and you'll learn from it even if it doesn't get done. (I really am trying to be an encouragement, but tempered with experience and a little realism.) Good luck! Matt P.S. Here is a link to something that might help you stay on track.
  13. I'm planning on making a story book with this character for my baby boy, so you'll see more of him. Maybe not animated for a while, though.
  14. I did a little animation test a few months ago but never rendered it out. I won't be doing any more work with this test, but comments/crits are welcome. It's a quote from the Princess Bride. I've inserted a frame, but the animation is up on my blog, here.
  15. Must be some kick when that thing goes off! with that kind of character a ruined city or just a background of flames and black sky come to mind.
  16. I think Zign Track is coming along wonderfully. I have one suggestion, not about Zign Track, but about the mouth shapes. Should his jaw be moving when he speaks? He speaks entirely by moving his lips, and it looks kind of awkward, but takes a while to realize why. Just a thought. Cheers!
  17. Dont' be so hard on yourself! The outline is a great start. That is a very good implementation of that idea. Good luck.
  18. That looks really good. One slight crit: the transition from the edge to the flat surface seems to abrupt to me, especially when the light moves by. (It's less noticeable in the still shots.)
  19. ...or you could use this to animate motion into the hair instead of using dynamics. Might give a little more control.
  20. I really like the face. you laid out the splines very neatly and economically. Bravo.
  21. My latest pose. I've added a few expressions and played around with giving him flexible eyes. It makes him much more expressive. (but he still needs a tongue...) {edit} I decided my Frog needed a moped, and I was off today... about 5 hour modeling the moped.
  22. Wow! I loved it. Make another post to this thread when voting comes around so we remember to vote for it. Your timing was very good throughout.
  23. I like the dude on the stage. He's simple, but appealing. I'd do some more with him. Good start!
  24. You have some nice poses. The action looks good, even if the timing is slow. But it's a good start. if you want to practice on animation, you're going about it the right way by working with Thom. When I was starting out I would spend a lot of time making a new character (I guess I still haven't gotten over that) before I'd do any animating, and since I was so slow back then I rarely got any animation practice.
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