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  1. That really sux. I may end up using some type of animated decal. Thanks anyway. Perhaps this is something Hash should look into. Being able to key frame a decals position would really come in handy.
  2. I need to animate the edit for a decal. I have tried all of the ways i could think of. Show drivers in the Chor, Key framing the position of the decal, Even tried to use a avi of basicly what i needed but got no where. After i loaded the avi it wouldn't even show up. Even tried "animating" a projection material. If someone could show me how to move a decal from point a to pint b in a chor on a model it would be a huge help.
  3. The walk looks good but I have a suggestion. The key frame when he lands should be peaked in the curve editor. It needs to "land" more than its doing. The rest of it looks great though. Hope that helps.
  4. Thanks for the eye image.
  5. Looking realy good man... The decal on the eyeball is awesome. Think i could get the eye decal from you? If not no big deal.
  6. I did use cloth. and it does flatten some. But there are ways around that. Imagine looking through the center of the rope. If you connect the inside some, it will prevent it to an extent. Remember, there are always many solutions to a problem. If they get the job done, it doesn't matter what route you take.
  7. I did this quick so pardon the lack of quality. But I think this may help some. Built calculated and a fast render, 10 min. I included the mdl and chor so you can see what i did. Hope this helps. Shane edit: added little more to the clip rope_test.zip rope_test.mov
  8. None that i know of that use Simcloth. Its not that hard. Here is a cloth Mat and deflector mat. Play with the stretch and dampers in the cloth mat. There not perfect but they are good starts. Now just set the collision tolerance in the chor to .1 and you should be simulating in no time. If ya need any help just ask, Shane cloth_and_deflector.zip
  9. Perhaps you could make the tube a cloth mat. It would have great life to it, and you can control the stiffness.
  10. What i am looking for is information. I am trying to find a way to rig a models head to some form of target. I need the head to stay focused on a point that I define. Yet the only thing I have found is rigging it to a null bone. But that only angles it like the null bone. I want it to be able to follow the target that I set. Any thoughts?
  11. Just wondering on this one. Should he sleep in his armor? If so, should he be under covers?
  12. Don't forget to look through safe frame. Your star sky is not going all the way up. Besides that i really like what you got here.
  13. I'm just wondering why this discussion has been allowed to go on for this long in the WIP section... I posted a question about a competitor product a while back and was deleted. Am I to understand that this conversation is more acceptable than a valid question? Or is it because this post was started by a "hash fellow"?
  14. I read it. Set your gamma to 2.2. Its the ntsc standard.
  15. Nice result. Though a higher multipass may get rid of some of the roughness to the shine.
  16. This is a character i made when I was about 13. I never got to make him in 3d until now. I will keep tweaking him as well as adding some actions for him. Ill post as I get time to work on him.
  17. Well I have always liked airplanes. Military planes by far being my favorite. And growing up with my dad telling me stories about the F4 phantoms from Vietnam, I knew one day I would build one. Anyway here is an early screen shot of the model. I have about 3 hours into the project and I'm starting to see potential. Hope you guys enjoy.
  18. I've been working with cloth lately and i was wondering. Does anyone know if a single object say a t-shirt, can have multiple cloth groups? Lets say to have simulate a stiff collar and a stretchy shirt. But as one piece of geometry.
  19. Let me first say this. I do think that asking for help with any software "8 years old" is a bit much. But I will say that the people that moderate these forums don't like any criticism. I just think all points of view are valid. Just because its not shared, doesn't make someone or there ideas wrong.
  20. That will definitely help a ton. I printed out the tutorial and am starting to experiment. I'll repost as soon as I get somewhere. Thanks Shane
  21. Wow that's not that easy. Try making a hair material then add more hair emitters, change the colors slightly. Then try rendering a small patch before you render the entire field.
  22. Wow thanks guys. That realy makes me feel good. Its nice to know people like my work. It makes all the hours into this project well worth it. Thanks, Shane
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