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  1. I connected the toes to the feet and they are not very believable. I definitely need to work on smoothing them out. Any suggestions would help a lot.
  2. I added all of your suggestions except for the peaking of the lips. It made the mouth look too sharp. Your other suggestions were very helpful in making the face fuller. It looks a lot more natural now. Thanks
  3. Ok so I copied the body from one of my older models and tweaked it to work with this head. I added the collar bones and worked on the torso muscles. I still need to model the toes. Any comments are appreciated.
  4. thanks for all the kind words. The face itself will not be animated. The purpose of the model is to show how a medical device would attach to the body, and I just need a good looking simple model to showcase it.
  5. I added a spline around the eyebrows and the cheeks. I also attatched the ears and worked on the neck and head. That spline helps to better shape the forehead as well as allow for better animation. thanks for the tip.
  6. The chin is rather pointing and most of the work on the face now will be shaping it better. I will keep posting as I move on to the body. thanks
  7. I am creating a basic male model for future modification and reference. It is also a possiblility that I will use this for an advertisement for a medical company and they want a basic model that can demonstrate the medical device that they are making. I have started on the face and have it shaped pretty well but it still needs a lot of tweaking. Please let me know how I can improve it. I have included 3 pictures of the face below. Thanks helping out!
  8. Very nice. looks pretty realistic!
  9. here is 6_4. almost done! I think I might add some liquid blood and adjust the swing a little. let me know what you think. 6_2.mov
  10. 6_3 complete. now for the gruesome part. 6_2_Final_shot.mov
  11. That title in the beginning is awesome. Great job on all of it.
  12. Here is the shot with revised lighting. 6_2_Final.mov
  13. Thanks for the advice. I tinkered with the lights and came up with this after 10 attempts. This will add a lot to the piece. Thanks
  14. Gerry, I want a sort of warm dimly lit room. I was thinking perhaps torches would be the light sources but I didn't want to deal with sprites cuz they take too long to render. Is there a way I can get better lighting without hotspots? I dont want to us AO because the render is really long. Thanks
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