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  1. I like both styles. The first thing I notices is the stars do not move in the background. Maybe if the star field went by with different stars moving at different speeds so some look close and some farther away would add some feeling of movement. Like the bots a lot.
  2. I agree the TSM2 rig is the one that does do pretty much what I am looking for. I purchased it before it was free. A lot of this is for me to understand rigging. I get frustrated when I want a rig to have a little different articulation and can't figure out how it is built enough to try altering it. I figure if I build my own simple rig, maybe I'll learn enough to understand rigs like the TSM2. Then I won't be so locked in to what others have done.
  3. The spine I am most familiar with used three bones. One was the chest and two were the lower stomach area. With only three bones I had to do a lot of weighting of CP's between the two bones in the stomach, or, I had to find ways to constrain a fan bone between the two stomach area bones. The rig works and is certainly a great rig. I just wanted to make a spine that had bones that blended the twisting rather than quite so much weighting of the CP's. I'm new at rigging so this may be a complete wrong approach. I'm just trying and learning.
  4. What this is all for is an idea I had awhile back to make a stretchy spine that was constrained to a path. I've seen reference to it in a couple books "Character Animation in Depth" that Robert suggested a long time back and "Body Language" which is more oriented towards Maya but the ideas are good. I've struggled with the spines in some of the available rigs. They are great rigs but the spines just don't work the way I think I want them to. I may end up learning why they left so much of the articulation to be weighted and manually adjusted but I wanted to try to reduce my pain.
  5. That is what I ended up trying. I was hoping to be a little cleaner and save the extra bones but it works. Thanks,
  6. I know you can assign CP's to bones but can you use an expression to make a CP always stay at the base of a NULL??? If so I would appreciate an explanation of how to do it please.
  7. Robert's the TSM guru but I have had this problem and so have others when doing everything correct. This is a link to that topic. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=32122 I hope it helps you find the solution. The one thing I do know is it has no adverse affect on the model. It's just annoying to look at.
  8. Thank you everyone! I love this forum! It was me by the way. I had set a channel for the Right_Lower_Eyelid_Open_Offset3 under both the Offset4 and Offset5 relationships. Thank you David for the tut on filters. That could be worth the price of the v15 upgrade all by itself.
  9. I have looked everywhere I can think and can not find how to get the slider to default to "0". I've tried setting it thru the "Edit Relationship" window. I have tried thru the sliders setting for default. I have deleted all Actions. It looks like all the others in the timeline and in the Relations of the PWS. Nothing will get rid of the 33% default on the one slider. I know it's me and not AM but I can't find it! Any ideas.
  10. He has personnality. It makes me want to see more.
  11. Great work guys! Love the song. Aaron was a hoot!
  12. TNT

    spine curve

    PERFECT! I need to test some more but the left hand works now and I think I am back in business! Thanks again Mark
  13. I have the Barry Zundel's Animation Master Training videos also and I agree, they are well worth the money.
  14. TNT

    spine curve

    Thanks Mark, I'll try that tonight after work and see how it goes.
  15. TNT

    spine curve

    With TSM2 I found that if I saved right after running Rigger, then restarted A:M and reloaded the character most of the text strings would appear properly. However they are just display names, and don't affect the working of the rig. Usually it's the word "Relationship", but i forget what 4386 is. I closed and restarted AM, then restarted teh model and it seems to have cleared up the most if not all the names. Thanks Robert,
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