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  1. If there are no groups, and if the overall model attribute does not contain the flesh color, then I'm guessing it must be a decal. No groups and no root color attribute means no color other than decals. Now there is also the possibility that you just aren't looking in the right places. Why dont you let us know which model it is and give us a screencap of the area you are talking about, then we can help more.
  2. You can see the lines very clearly in the shadow below the ornament too. My first hunch would be a combination of the lighting and multipass. That's where I would start to investigate. It's not the model or any material on it since the shadows also show signs of the distortion. Is is possible that you have any post effect going on? Have you tried rendering with a standard light setup or AO with one light for shadows? Just make a new chor and try that first. Obviously if that renders fine, then you know for sure it's your light setup.
  3. Fox: if you want to see some of my work, go to the stills gallery home page and do a search with the key word: Camden. Also check out my "Enterprise" September contest entry and my July "Mohawk Mini Mart" entry.
  4. It all depends on what you are trying to get across with your finished product. Obviously if you are doing a very simple animation or still with stick like figures, then texturing may not be as important as something more involved. I prefer to do stills (hobby) that have a lot of textures/decals on them because I want the end result to be like a painting of sorts. I also prefer to use decals because I have so much more control over them vs materials. When I first started out, I used to do a lot of wandering in the AM stills gallery to get inspiration. Once you look through there, you'll g
  5. Thank you Joe. It's a piece I'm actually quite pleased with. Sometimes what's important to the creator of a piece is not necessarily important to others viewing the work. Cheers Eric
  6. Thanks for trying this out and letting me know that I'm not the only one to have this problem. The reason I really wanted to get Bitmap to work with displacement is the fact that it wraps itself so nicely around pretty much any surface without much distortion. This lends itself nicely for terrain such as caves and such. If distortion would work, the possibilities would be endless. Could you give me a little insight into baking decals? What is the purpose for doing this and how is it done?
  7. I've posted on this twice before and also put in a Hash/reports request, but so far the problem persists for me. Since I am not getting any feedback other than that the problem is resolved (this from Hash/reports as of V.14 - it is not resolved for me on any version up to V.15a), I am posting this again in hopes of finding my sanity and getting satisfaction in knowing that this is not only in my head. It doesn't matter which tileable image I use for the bitmapPlus material, the problem is the same. When I add a displacement value to the material and apply it to a group in any model, th
  8. Check out this thread and get some ideas: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php...hlight=asteroid
  9. If you're not too far along, just delete the corrupt model and start a new project.
  10. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. Here is the scene without "Film Grain" post effect and a few minor tweaks.
  11. I appreciate the interest and comments, thank you. Yes, Stian, I used lens flare on almost every light in the scene to give the illusion of being able to see the actual sources of the lights. This is after all a sort of dry dock which would be lit with lots of halogen and other lights. Ken, not sure what to say other than yes, it was in the contest . How fast do you go through voting ? Thank you Stormed Darkwing, you are right on both counts. I wanted to emulate the look and feel of the trailer pic and yes, I did use parts of Gabe's enterprise as reference.
  12. Hello friends: Just wanted to post my contest entry and a wireframe of the scene. I've worked on it a little bit more, but the basics are unchanged. I really wanted to keep the modeling to a minimum and concentrate more on the mood and lighting. AM v.15 has been very stable when it came to putting all these lights in a scene. Most of the lights have lens flares turned on to get the effect I was after. I also used smoke particles, although the background is comprised of two camera rotoscopes, one with stars and moon, and the other one with the majority of the background smoke. Feel f
  13. Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a total geek - that white render with the wireframe just makes me feel fuzzy all over
  14. That's why you're the Grand PoohBah! It worked. The major change was resetting the gamma correction from 1.0 to 2.2. I must have played around with the gamma without setting it back. Thank you Martin
  15. Neither of those apply Ken. To make sure, I tried opening the same project on my laptop, and it's fine there. I'm using a USB memory stick to store the project on. Like I said, it's this way with all projects now. The only thing I can think of is ZoneAlarm firewall and program control. When I booted up, I got a message saying that System32 is trying to act as a server. Since it gave me no further information and this did not sound like something normal was happening, I chose the option to deny the request. Maybe AM was the program that made the request and now it's not running right? I
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