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    Modeled a column for my Guardian set and got to the difficult part of having the rounded divets on the ends of the fluting. I could have just faked it, but I went ahead and worked it out. This might not be the best solution, but this worked for me.
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    eyelids_V5.mdl I removed all unnecessary
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    I think it was to do with internal spines confusing the 5 point patch maker. Also a couple of the spines weren't registering as connected (where you have to press 'k' top separate them instead of just hitting delete). So I deleted/reconnected them and that let me close them up. eyelids_V3 5 pointer closed.mdl Hope that helps, Paul
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    Just finished this bit of fan animation for one of my favourite Youtube channels and as it's done in A:M I figured I'd share it here. Also Rodney mentioned that it would be nice if my next project wasn't as scary as Breckridge so as the title of this topic suggests, this one is a bit nicer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdDvio7152c
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    Decided to leave the hair for now as it was slowly driving me even more insane than normal. Instead, I thought I'd try making something for the Fall image contest. Don't know if I'll succeed in finishing something worth entering but It's given me a good excuse to make a lamp post and bench that I can reuse for other things and I've also built some carriages to go with the train I built a little while back.
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    So with the A:M Reports moved, and hours of work i big program is finally getting fixed. For years all of the attachments in A:M Reports have been stored in the database. Since v11.0 back when you could email in reports. This makes the database really large 4.6gb for a small database(when text only). Now all the images/attachments are getting move to a folder not the database. This will mean hours saved next update or move!
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    I've added the weekly 'Live Answer Time' to the Community calendar: https://forums.hash.com/index.php?/calendar/
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    The unending niceness. Character model of "Looka" the giraffe. Another bit of Fan art for Outside Xtra. Long start short, after the game "Yooka-Laylee" was released the hosts Luke and Ellen joked that they should be a game called "Looka-Nellie" Looka being a giraffe. So yeah.