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    Further dev on helmet hair with displacement map and "Westin" specular shader (lower right). The image map is Photoshop "noise" with a horizontal blur.
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    Here's an update for the Neighbor, who I decided to call Donna because I used Donna Reed as an initial reference (I used several other references after that though). I've made a few changes in the course of putting in a temporary rig before installing the Squetch Rig...sorry about the chest, my wife didn't like the mono-boob. Of course, she will have a top that will have a cloth material on it, so the underlying body is just there for that. I also intend to use her as the base model for future female characters and wanted to cover a few clothing options. I removed the temporary material from the pants for now, but there will be a material on the final product. Once she is rigged, I'll get back to work on her hair and then the texturing.
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    Guilting Tuesday
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    Definitely decal is the solution . I used them to weathering these models.
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    and https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/44-animated-gifs-r1102/