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5 hours ago, svetlik said:

Here it is! This is 10 yrs. of my life. (so THIS is why Pixar needs 300 people to make a film) Thank you robcat, fuchur & other AM forum gurus that helped me!

how long did it take you to render ? did you use a render farm ? wht is the resolution of the original clip. i like it. 

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That was fun :).
Well done and thanks for the honorable mention in the credits ;).

Best regards

PS: And if you want to re-render it in a higher resolution than 480p, please let me know :).
I have a couple of rendernodes which could help out if necessary ;).

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It's always nice to see someone complete a long-term project. 

I liked the story.   I guess that's why they call them hooters, huh?   :D


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Nicely done! And thanks for sending me down the internet rabbit hole to find images of the various guesses modelers have made for a rear view of the Maria robot; something Metropolis never showed.

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