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  1. I believe that I selected the one object and hit H, then everything else was hidden and I would work on the selected object easily. Done it many times but may have done what you described above accidentally. Thanks
  2. HOLD ON!!! I am an idiot (Eeeeediot) Tho just hitting "H" key don't work (used to) to bring everything back I found that by going into each object in the PWS and selecting the visible/wireframe icon it brought them back tho one at a time.
  3. Yes here's a screen shot. As you can see everything is still listed in the PWS but nothing is visible in the chor. I've used this function many times after accidentally discovering it while in a Chor. but now can't get anything to come back.
  4. Working in a chor, hit "H" to hide but now all other objects are GONE. Still listed in the PWS but not visible. Anyone heard of this? Can't send the PRJ too complex referencing millions of outside items and haven't been able to reproduce it but can't see all but the object i had on when hitting "H" Only want to salvage many hrs. of work. Any help appreciated.
  5. Sorry for the silence. Been in the hospital all week and no access to my mail & such. No haven't bought the books yet due to severe lack of funds, but hope to soon and I will let you know about them. Thanks again for the info robcat.
  6. Thanks robcat you never fail to help me out. I'll get this book and keep you posted on my progress. I'm trying to make a "movie trailer" short clip and am almost done with it but keep looking for ways to improve the quality. Thanks much.
  7. Must admit to being new to texturing. Been tinkering with AM for 15 yrs. but didn't start using it seriously until couple yrs. ago when I started this project. I'm actually not new to CG tho. Have worked for film and TV for 11 yrs. using Prisms (now Houdini), Softimage and Maya but only as a modeller and animator. Learned quite a bit from that tute by Zandoria studios (Balrog) where he manipulates the model in Action to apply the maps. So I'm having some success but still need a lot of help from someone who's been down that road. Just trying to get that "richness" like in the movie "Tin Tin". I know that's quite a leap but have to strive for something. There are SO many things in that film that nobody will ever notice but it all contributes to that amazing quality. I'm finding that manipulating the model in Action has its limits, because if the cps have to "stretch" too far you still get stretch artifacts. Hope this explains better. Thanks for responding.
  8. Don't have any images of what i mean but if you study films like "Tin Tin" you can see the cloth textures in the close-ups. I know they're usually invisible to the lens but since I have several close-up shots of my character (the one I entered in the "Finish the Unfinished") I'm trying to get more richly textured close-ups. Towards that realistic but "illustrated" look of that film. They textured the CRAP out of EVERYTHING! and it's a beautiful piece of art. I'll keep looking for an image that illustrates what I mean and if I find one I'll send it but I hope this explains it better.
  9. Can anyone guide me to some tutorials on thread/cloth texturing techniques? Tried the Weave plugin but couldn't get it to do anything. Any help appreciated.
  10. YES! Thanks again robcat and fuchur!!!! You guys are the BEST!!!!!
  11. Great, now I can't reach the ftp server. Is it working right now er whut?
  12. No, using Oj. I'll download the recent AM and try that. Thanks I'll let you know.
  13. What did I do??? See attached pic. NOTHING in the prj. was changed. Open it up today and all my chrome is gone. Environment map worked fine 3 yrs. ago so what has changed and how do i get my chrome back?? I'm sure I'm missing some small detail but can't get the env. map to work like it did before. Any help appreciated. Checked the image used and it seems fine.
  14. Right clicking on these has no "delete" in the drop down list.
  15. That works for the PWS but it won't go away from here...
  16. Messed up a pose and can't delete it. What am I not seeing? Any help appreciated. Apologies if I've asked this before.
  17. FOUND IT!!!!! It was the old "Phantom within a Phantom" syndrome! You'd be proud of me robcat! There were a couple of old Pose sliders hiding in the model that would show up in the properties panel and pose slider window but NOT in the PWS relationship folder!!! (not sure how that happens but then I still haven't figured how Santa delivers all those gifts in one night either) So once I found those I gleefully deleted them and all was right with my tiny little world. Many thanks to you and all the other AM ninjas who take the time to help me.
  18. Set up the gradient materials and the pose sliders exactly as robcat did but can only get the trailing end to work. Been over and over all the details for 2 days and I give up. See attached prj file. Hope your listening robcat. I'm missing something obviously. Just can't find it. ThreadsEnigma.prj
  19. My apologies if I've offended. I'm grateful that you Hash fellows are still working so hard to help us. Been using AM since 1992 but only in the last few yrs. been using it every day so thanks for all the help from you Hash Ninjas.
  20. Understood. One more question that I've searched the manual for - What is the meaning of a Pose slider being red or pink? Sorry for the dumb question and thanks for all your help robcat. Writing to Hash support or anyone else will get a response in a few days or not at all. Really appreciate all your help.
  21. So that Define Relationships links all the poses shown so when you move one - they ALL move? (which is mostly bad that I can see) and I had noticed that a while ago when making multiople pose sliders. But when "off" you can adjust each one independantly and not affect the others, right?
  22. Ok that seems to have done the trick. Thanks robcat.
  23. SPOKE TOO SOON!!! Soon as I close the project and reopen it the Pose snaps back to 100% - and I can't get rid of it. Back to square one. I've tried deleting the model from the chor and resetting the settings in the pose slider settings but it keeps snapping back to 100. I don't know what else to try.
  24. That did it!!!! I don't know what I'd do without you robcat. I thought the settings in chor would override everything but apparently not. It was ADDING to it! A thousand thanks (again)
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