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Fresh Spleen Update:


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additional info


Marilyn Lozano‎Gene Thompson

Uncle Gene Thompson is in rehabilitation center and spirits are good. He will be there at least a week. He said he is excited to see everyone's posts and comments... He even said so!! He doesn't have his computer so he will have lots to read when he gets out! If anyone wants to contact we can share his info! Thanks for all the continued prayers and good wishes!

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Thanks to Gene's niece for the update.



Someone get Gene a pencil and sketchbook (or two or three) and have him doodle ideas while he's away from his computer.

No slacking there Gene!


(Okay, maybe you can rest a little... but channel that creative energy into rehab and recovery! Okay? :) )



And speaking of Myron... he's sure been too quiet/absent as well!

(We miss you Myron!)

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Spleen Update 2-08-14:


Just got off the phone again with Gene. His spirits are getting better daily. He gave me permission to speak more fully. When he went into the hopsital this last time his balance was so bad he couldn't walk. He is getting better. He said the hospital staff have nicknamed him "The Wobbler'. He started physical therapy today and while it's a bit early to know for sure how much good it's doing. It is already helping.


He said he's looking forward to reading the posts on Facebook. So if possible post some funny "get well" shit on his wall every other day or so if you can. He can't read it now but it will be really cool for him to read when he gets out and back to his computer. ( Mike, I'll ghost write some material for ya so you won't have to feel left out.)


We've been yackin about our next video and he REALLY wants to get up here and meet everybody.


Please, Keep Praying! It's working, and when was the last time you got that good a return on your investment.

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