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  1. Hopefully we will se the finished video!
  2. Having tried some small projects and often giving up after they became tedious, It's fantastic that you accomplished it, very well done!
  3. Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. May we all keep hashing in 2021!!!
  5. It's ready for Prime Time! nicely done.
  6. Might we have some more, please! Very well done!
  7. I like the look, hope you can pull it off. I'll be looking forward to any progress on this project.
  8. It's good that you made it to the Ark!
  9. Very enjoyable ! can't wait for the next chapter.
  10. Once in a while, he will pop up at the Anime Studio forum. At one point he was involved in the development of that software.
  11. Working on a model, part of the models points are now a light blue/gray, and I can't pick/choose them, did I lock them, somehow?
  12. Floaty, but, it's within weird bunny behavior. I like it!
  13. This is my take on it! http://youtu.be/hqvAzW5veBU
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