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First attempt creating a character

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I am using Cooper tutorial and have started my first non AOAM model of a sargent character I want to animate. I am not sure what I am doing and I am just going for it and well learn from my misstakes I guess. This is what I have so far.








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looking pretty good. I'd like to see those wires also.


Couple of comments.


Something odd is happening at the point were the nose runs to the brows.. If you look at the eyes.. that point is usually a valley. Yours, is a mountain, well not literally.. just using the same metaphor. If you where looking at a head from the side.. the top of the nose bridge would be behind the forward point of the brow. Now some "meatier" characters might have a bulge there.. and this guy definately looks meaty.. but there is still a little to much "cut" were the eye brows meet the nose.


With the exception of wrinkles.. most lines on a face should be smooth .. not to sharp. This goes double for AM heads if you want to animate them.. Sharp creases can be hard to work around. This is just my oppinion, but I'd add sharp creases like brow wrinkles and hard facial lines with a bump or displacement map. That way you might be able to reuse the model for some other character later.


My only other comment would be to create some rounder transitions in the cheeks. They seem a littel flat. Some people have flat cheeks.. but this guy seems much to muscular to have them.


Looks great. Show us some wires please.


How are you liking the tutorial?



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I am like the tutorial but seeing I am creating a different looking character I am taking alot of liberty on how I do this. I am willing to learn from my mistakes and I am open to crits of this model I am not happy with how I have done the chicks I just found myself stuck and saw a 5 point patch and used it for now. I also do not know what exactly is a hook? Is it just a spline the ends like I have at the top of the nose? If not is there a command for creating one and what are there applications.


Here are the wire frames sorry this took so long I have been busy with renovations.









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Looks like a great design.


The creasing I see is probably caused by splines that meet like this... )(

instead of crossing like this... X


break 'em and reconnect then to fix that


Also, on the cheek you have a CP that has two splines going thru it and another spline dead ending into it. Too many splines.


Reattach that dead end spline some where else. It's making a crease.


But very promising character!

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Hi Mark!


You're making great progress with the head.


The only thing that looks a little off to me is the lump on the forehead (I've ringed it in the picture below), this may be the mountain that Colin referred to earlier.


Keep up the good work Mark.






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Hey Mark.. its a good start. I took the liberty of circling the incorrect splines that i can see.. By incorrect.. I mean splines that will crease because they don't share continuity with the patch on the other side of the spline.


Here are the trouble spots. and a spline 101 gif to go by.




and the correct routing of most spline situations.




The idea is to create x spline crossings.. not )( connections. You also have quiet a few 5 point patches that arent necessary. Use hooks instead.. they won't crease at all.


When making 5 point patches.. Make sure most if not all of your spline interesections are the x kind. The only time I'll ignore that rule is if I have a particularly hard to model area in a groin or hidden place.


Hope that helps.



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Hi Mark,


Hope you don't mind but I've not tried modelling a 'character' model before so I thought I would give it a go as a quick exercise. Here's my attempt.


It's a little heavier spline wise than I would usually do (I've been studying Anzovins how to model a head CD) Cheek still needs a little work - but you know how you want him to look.





Project file is attached (hopefully) for your use if you wish.



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