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  1. He like it, he likes it! (Just sent you an email, Mark). Didn't know you used Hash for that. You did a great job. Awhile back I used to be a regular member around here, working toward being an animator. That was awhile ago Hello everyone! Thanks again Mark!
  2. Really great work, hope you get to do more.
  3. Just want to chime in and say that's looking really good guys. Having modeled the Mach 5, I know how tricky it is to do a car and get it to look right. Especially one with so much character. Looking forward to the final product! Tom
  4. Hey Noah, First of all I wanted to chime in and say like everyone else that I really enjoyed it. Technically, it really is quite an amazing achievement and you should be proud! Now, how about some critical comments? I know when I finish something I like to hear how I can improve. For the most part, almost all of the animation looks like gaming animation. This is probably partly due to the fact that it's almost all high intensity action and you were certainly striving to get this thing done so it didn't drag out forever. What made it seem to me like what I'm calling "gaming" animation is the stiffness of most of the movements. So in the future you would want to work with your arcs and easing, and follow through and so on. A good example is the girl running toward you on the catwalk - her movements are extremely stiff. However, this didn't take away from my enjoyment of your film - it's completely cool And I realize your intent was probably not to set the world on fire with character animation skill, but to get the movie done as a whole - and again, it's a great accomplishment. Your models, as ever, are stunning. Hope to see more in the future! Tom
  5. Nice work - getting things done is an accomplishment in and of itself. Tom
  6. It looks really great There is only 1 thing bothering me - he looks like he is wearing some kind of stiff shoulderpads on his chest. You have all these wonderfully fluid curves in his face, arms, abs and legs - then these two big flat planes in his chest. Possibly that is exactly the look you want Anyway, it seems a bit out of place to me. I can still see the 'big' look of the chest, but would love to see some more curvature and softening of the hard edgyness of it all. In any event, very cool, very unique take on BM - good job.
  7. pixelmech


    Yeah, I'd like to know too We love it, we want more!
  8. That's great - I love the way they all have their own unique walk.
  9. Excellent - and original! Looking forward to seeing it. Tom
  10. I'm able to view it with QT7 on the PC. Looks good, but the hand coming in the water is a bit too fast - you almost miss it, and the effect of it is minimal.
  11. Nice image - the water is very gray though - how about some blue water as an alternate image? I like the fish and the Coke can is indeed better. Tom
  12. He looks great Now, make an animation with him and get it in the MMC #2! (See my sig) Tom
  13. You really nailed the look of the bathroom. Is that an animated decal for the blood? Thumb is hard, but looks fairly good - the whole hand looks good considering how hard that is to do! The airbrush look seems pretty cool. Tom
  14. Excellent work. I agree the scaling is seemingly off in that shot. Something about the size of the ship being so small possibly? Maybe its the camera angle. You've about got those fire/particle effects down - they look great. Good luck with your project!
  15. Those look good Jin. How about giving us a render - that will let you see how smooth you are really at. Make yourself a quick and dirty metal texture to slap on there to test with (Check the materials forum, there are some in there if you don't know how to make one). I believe that is the same method I used to do the Mach 5 after trying and failing at other methods. You've improved each time, looking forward to an update.
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