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  1. Whey Hey!!!! Two for me please Rodney! As we say in my part of the world "Owt for nowt!" Cheers
  2. Hi Daniel! Nice work as always. Your logo animation works very well. Pity about the lack of a credit, but I'm sure seeing your work on the website and knowing how many view it is a reward in it's self. Cheers Mike
  3. Nice work Jamagica! Youv'e injected life into your robot. I'll be keeping an EYE on your progress.......groan Cheers Mike
  4. Well done Tom! For what it's worth I think the regular 3d looks best. Cheers Mike
  5. Nice work Nathan. I agree the splashes are very effective, good work on the lights also. Cheers Mike
  6. Nice improvements since my last visit. The grill works much better now, the original looked as if it had been stuck on as opposed to being an integral part of the car. Cheers Mike
  7. I too haven't heard of the book so can't comment on accuracy. It's a nice car though and I could certainly imagine it in a children's book or animation. Are you planning to take this further and build a fleet perhaps?? Cheers Mike
  8. Tony. This is good work for your first animation. Sound track is well chosen. I feel the sack could use more animating, until the last few seconds it looked like an inanimate object with all movement coming from the camera. You could add slow movement such as having the sack look slowly from side to side. You could also make it look like the sack is crying with a slight rocking motion. Maybe a combination of both suggestions would help. Once you've added a little more life to the sack you won't have to rely too much on camera rotation. Don't ditch it all together though as I think the slow zoom in/out worked well. Nice work Tony, hope the suggestions help, I'm sure you'll also come up with more of your own. Cheers Mike
  9. Got it Tony! Left click to take you to the website screen (shown below) then right click on TheSadSack.mpg It doesn't run on my quicktime player. Nero required a plugin for sound but I would have to pay for it! Internet explorer was given as a possible program to view but this only showed a torn quicktime emblem and no video or sound. The good news is that it worked in Windows Media Player and WIN DVD. It took about four minutes to load on broadband, which is ok but bear in mind that dial up users may not be willing to wait 45 mins or so for download. I strongly recommend using quicktime, low res and medium compression for a WIP as you'll have more viewers to critique your work. Hope this helps. Cheers Mike
  10. Hi Tony! Sorry, no joy for me. It took about five minutes to load (broadband 650k) then nothing happened. Quicktime seems to be the preferred format for the forum as it can be viewed by PC and MAC users. You may also want to post a lower format/more compressed version for the dial up users. I'll check the thread later in case the problem's been solved. Cheers Mike
  11. Hi Mark! You're making great progress with the head. The only thing that looks a little off to me is the lump on the forehead (I've ringed it in the picture below), this may be the mountain that Colin referred to earlier. Keep up the good work Mark. Cheers Mike
  12. I like it so far. As jamagica said the hood needs tweaking. I see what you mean about the grill. Maybe it would look better longer and beneath the headlights? Keep it up Tom! Cheers Mike
  13. Looks good so far. Are you planning a photorealistic or cartoony monster car? Good luck and keep posting! Cheers Mike
  14. Thanks for taking the time and trouble jamagica! I'm still struggling with the basics at the moment but I've saved your tute for later. Thanks again. Mike
  15. Nice work Dale, how many are working on it? Cheers Mike
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