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  1. Thank you sir! Thank you! Yes, that is the vision fore sure. William Thank you! Sure, I would be happy too. I need to get a few other deadline items done and then I can post something. William
  2. Here is an early on side shot of the polar bear....
  3. Thank you! Thanks! Ya, it was one of those, gotta put it down, then pick it back up kinda love affairs. Thank you! I am working on the animation next....
  4. Thank you. You bet! Here is a wire frame shot of the head.
  5. Thanks! It's been a labor of love. I have been working on this story on and off for about 2 years now about a little girl who is groomed to be queen of the the northern lands. But her realm is being challenged by the trolls and goblin kingdoms. The polar bears are allies of the humans in this conflict along with a few other critters. This polar bear is one of her companions, protectors, and childhood friends. Yep, straight render. Thank you sir! Yep a lot of back and fourth on this one for sure. It took a bit to get the fur formulas down... William Thank you!
  6. A little polar bear I am working on for a personal project.
  7. A dragon I am working on for and up coming project...more to come!
  8. Hey all, This is one of my personal models that I milled out for a client about 3 weeks ago. Best Regards, William
  9. I thought I would post this 3D print of Klee Miller's character Simon. Klee did an excellent job of modeling this guy. Best regards, William
  10. Hey all, Yes, still lurking around. I have been off the list for a couple of months as I have been busy building a company on the side. Also the game company I was working for, closed it's doors and I had to scamble to land on my feet and the wife is pregnant. Sorry for those still waiting, like Tralfaz. I just sent you an email. I have yours going into the printer this month and the details on the fusion core of the JP2 are SWEET! And in resin! AT-AT is going to look great in N-scale and also in resin. Also, I costs me roughly $2500 or more to bring a model to a plastic form, so I pick jobs carefully. The models I have picked are the ones that will best suit my purposes, I know a bit self centered, but that is what I stated in my original email. But, because I have love for AM and the community I thought I would offer a service or exchange. But my paying gigs have to come first. Eric, you are fantastic modeler and I have some possible projects for you and I will discuss those with you later if you wish. But, at the time I did not have "hole" for you to fill. I would ask in the future that before you label my actions "unprofessional", you might drop me an email and see whats up and get answers, you have my email address. Now, I have printed models for some people on the list, and I am in the process of printing more and keeping to my word. Again, If you want to know what is up, drop me an email and I will gladly inform you. The DXF format exported from hash works really well and I have had no trouble so far with it. If any have questions bring them to me, happy to answer them with in reason of course. I have not bailed out or forgotten, I just got buried and overrun. But I have dug out now! Best regards, William
  11. Been a while.... Here is a WIP of a face hugger that I am working on.. Thanks, William
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