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  1. Just a HUGE thank you for letting me know that TSM2 still works with v14. I had given up on it ever working again when it stopped in 13q(?) I installed it with my v14 install this morning and everything works! It's like christmas came a little early this year
  2. How about applying a material with an edge gradient going from 100% transparent to Opaque to the object.
  3. Wow, how did you know I was planning on needing the dts export in the next couple weeks? Thanks for your great work and contributions and best of luck with playing dad
  4. So you're upset because they made a RPG into a FPS and your response is to make a RTS.... Isn't that essentially what you got upset at M$ for doing? Good luck with your project and keep us in the loop. Just remember to have dwarves with flamethrowers that explode when they die.
  5. Yeah, could be seriously cool. Now I've just got to actually get enough free time to finish my current TGB game. Any Idea if you'll need a Wii Development box to work with it as well?
  6. Any chance we can request this thread to be stickied.. Its too invaluable a resource to be allowed to slip to page 5.
  7. Wow I just started installing this. Very easy. Very very slick. Big pat on the back. And to anyone who's afraid of rigging.. It really doesnt get much easier than this. Seriously.
  8. That's music to my ears man. Rock on. And yes, the Hash guys are pretty damn awesome
  9. Looks like I ate a bad hash cookie. I, er, purged, my cookies and everything appears to be back in working order. damn, now I've got the munchies.. ;-)
  10. Every time I come to the forums using IE7 I have to log in again. Any ideas? Not running any odd plugins/blockers etc etc, security setting is set to low so it shouldn't block any cookies.
  11. nice website.. It prompted me to install the Hebrew language pack though. This might be an issue with more casual computer users. That and the flash took forever to load and doesn't have a % done loader so i was beginning to wonder if the page had stalled. looks like fun though
  12. wow thanks for the quick turnaround Morgan!
  13. Creating the terrain mesh itself Is usually not a problem, magnet mode and go to town and you can do non function based terrain as well.. What would be great would be an easier way to texture it. I'd kill for a shader/material/wizard that applies materials to the surface based on the angle of the patch from horizontal & by elevation etc etc... and then just apply the whole shebang to a group. The ability to easily apply the cliff texture to the steeply vertical surfaces, grass material to the low elevation flat areas and snow to the high elevation flat areas, and have the transition between those materials be soft would be truely killer. IMHO. -simon
  14. I just ran across 'The Scrolling Game Development Kit' on sourceforge, has anyone ever used this? Here's the Homepage It looks interesting and I'll probably take a whack at it in the near future to see if I can do anything interesting with it. Oh and its FREE!!! -s
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