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  1. Just a HUGE thank you for letting me know that TSM2 still works with v14. I had given up on it ever working again when it stopped in 13q(?) I installed it with my v14 install this morning and everything works! It's like christmas came a little early this year
  2. How about applying a material with an edge gradient going from 100% transparent to Opaque to the object.
  3. Lovely as always Stian!
  4. yeah thats exactly what i did.. then I actually started a second copy of AM and set the affinity to the other core. and had them both rendering at the same time.
  5. If I ever do anything at full rez it sure will. But I dont think its gonna be needed for the final sprites. Oh and a handy note for those who don't have v14 yet but have a dual core (or quad) system If you bind master.exe to the second core there's a chance you'll get a hefty performance increase in rendering since windows isnt dualcore supported yet. (XP that is) So by binding it to the core that isnt running the majority of the OS you get more cycles for AM. I bound AM to the second core and my render times went from 12:20 a frame to 8:30 so almost a 33% increase.
  6. Well Got her hands put in and got the Squetch pose install put in tonight. I got her cp's assigned for everything except the hands using bones with falloff & CP weights and I must say I only had to tweak 3-4 little areas. And she distorts and bends beautifully. BIG BIG kudos to the hash guys for making those so easy to use and tweak. Also think I came up with an acceptable 'wet' look.. I increased the transparency a little and reflectivity and put in a large 'sun disc' which is a 100% ambient white disc just behind the light. I also broke out the reflectivity with and transpar
  7. Any chance we can request this thread to be stickied.. Its too invaluable a resource to be allowed to slip to page 5.
  8. Ooh that's very lovely. Nice job you must have. Wanna trade?
  9. Well asides from the hands and eyeballs she's mostly done modeling. I'm having a hard time making it look 'wet' enough.. Render time is painful on her though... ~40 min for this shot (2 1/2 min per pass roughly) Update: Here's a final animation Water elemental animation 840Kb SWF Ignore the black speckles theyre fixed in v14 im told and I had to re-render the last 10 frames and of course somehow my lighting settings got changed.
  10. How about if we set up a community tutorial Wiki? then anyone can add new tutorials at any time and we could transcribe the existing ones as a group effort. I've got a hosting account (drakkheim.com) that I'm not actively using for anything except for storage... I could pop up a subdomain and get somthing set up in short order?
  11. Wow I just looked at the date on those tutorials... Hard to imagine how much has changed since 1998.. I checked the internet WayBack machine.. and they didn't have any archives of the tutorials either.. They may have dissolved into the ether for all time.
  12. Turns out that worked wonderfully. Thanks David! Now I've got to get back to work work..
  13. Wow, thank you guys. I'll let ya know how it turns out
  14. Good Idea. Here is the model. I left some leg geometry to make it easier to visualize. Stone_Elemental__Barren_Rigged.mdl And thanks for the help.
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