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  1. everytime i make a movie on quick time theres always a black sky how can i make the sky blue?
  2. they will get better over time and the whole kill the rabbit i don't know what eles to call it
  3. I'll try them thanks for the help you people are awesome
  4. Lee's World please check it out its cool and it has my pictures i made on it
  5. my movies are to big how do i make them less then 2 meg?
  6. i tryed it but i don't know what they are or where to find it
  7. i made a movie but it takes really long to render is there anyway to speed rendering up?
  8. render it as a quicktime, less than 2 megs. Use the "File Attachments" section of the Reply page to add it to your post. The "Animation:Master" forum is the only one that can't do that. thanks
  9. can some one please tell me how you put a movie that you made on the forum And i mean hi on the tittle sorry
  10. Looks like you could remove say... 14 of them. It works now thanks for the help
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