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  1. Nice, nice, nice, nice & extremely cooooool ... Man, I must complete my project, Man, I must complete my project, Man, I must complete my project, Man, I must complete my project, Man, I must complete my project ...
  2. Mike, nice stuff, really dig the lighting ...
  3. You can copy the Data folder fm the CD and place it in your AM folder. Once this is done, you need to set it up in your options.
  4. Thank you MMZ, I tried that several times, couldn't get the effect I wanted, David's ideal was "spot on" & very simple to boot. Peace
  5. I've got the model nearly completed ... however, I cannot figure out how to put a small working light inside the Volume Meter. If I put it in the model, the entire model lights up ... any help would be appreciated. Thanks ... GW
  6. I really enjoyed the flour sack exercise in D. Rogers Book One. I'm certainly no master ... but it's looking good so far. Sometime back, the floor sack was done on a trampoline. Pretty wild stuff ... a must see ... BTW, are you using the latest D. Rogers book? If so, what do you think of Capt. Splines & Polygozmo? I've nearly completed them.
  7. Robcat, C-grid, Man, you guys are great ... you both have helped me over the hump on on my 2 yr old music video. I'm still in training, but this is total inspiration. It's amazing how fun AM can be, but also, how frustrating it can be on something seemingly so simple. I've taken both your models & ripped them apart. Needless to say, I can now build a knob. D. Rogers book is awesome, but you guys, for your time, are extremely kindhearted. As an old Navy JAG ... Kudos to you both. G. Wells
  8. Thank you Robert2075 for the model ... that's exactly what I was hoping for ... Thank you David for the suggestions ... I will spend another two days mangling my brain
  9. I found these images by searching the forum:
  10. Hi David, It's what I'd like my model to look like ... I've got the textures & color figured out ... just know luck with the model.
  11. Would anyone be kind enough to help me out here ... for two days now, I've been trying to create this knob ... any and all help is greatly appreciated. I'm totally stuck ...
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