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  1. Upgraded to a new computer, downloaded my Hash software , and it's not allowing me to open because its license to my old computer.  How can I correct this issue?  

    1. robcat2075


      Hi Saladeen,

      You are correct that the license key will only work on the old computer.

      Typically you will buy a new subscription for a new computer. I usually wait to change computers until my A:m sub is about to expire anyway.

      Sometimes Hash can re-write the license file to work on a new computer for what time is left on the subscription.

      Contact Jason @ Hash . com to inquire about that.

    2. Saladeen


      I have an unlimited version.



    3. Saladeen


      Thank you I will do that!

      greatly appreciate the quick response.

  2. Would like to activate Hash on my new computer however it's not accepting activation key due to it being " I assume, license to my old computer. 
    What do I need to do to correct this?
    1. Fuchur


      You will have to talk to Jason (support@hash.com) about that.
      In general you need another licence and often Jason will reattach it for you.
      But he has to decide about that.

      Best regards

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