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  1. If you want it done and you do not mind shaded renders that's sthe fastest way to go. To do this when you render click advance then 2nd tab is options then top line is quality click to right of that and selected shaded render. After that is done you can do a final later on when you have 2 days to render it
  2. George check this out! http://www.rush.com/ Rush is Canada's official music ambassadors to the world! (the Canadian goverment awarded this honor years ago) they are from Toronto and are IMHO on of the world best work bands! These guys have been around for a long time I saw these guys back when I was a teenager and they have an impressive amount of quality music.
  3. They look like they are ready for the lime light! I am a big Rush fan I saw them in Toronto as a teen ager. One of Canada's best rock Artists! If you want some help animating then give me a call
  4. If you are wondering why people are mentioning that this thread might not be around for much longer in there reply's the reason is that there is a rule about not mentioning other programs by name. you can say other programs just do not say there names this forum is provided to us by Hash Inc. to talk about and help each other learn and us there product.
  5. Yes that would make things simpler just think we can cut the names we have to remimber in 1/2 seeing we refer to each other by real names most of the time anyways Welcome nimblepix do not hesitate to ask away!
  6. Dhar this is going to be great I can see it now but in my opinion you are still starting the reflection too soon I would atleast start the reflection moving 10 to 12 frames later. then make it a quick turn than you can start the talking even before he lands in the pose.
  7. they have there phone # on web site just call them and ask or e-mail them directly also on website You could probably snail mail them a check or money order.
  8. Thanks, Dhar. I think that sounds reasonable. There should be a created by in file info and even an E-mail address or link to the person web page. If you have a name you can do a search on this forum and send them a E-mail or PM and descripe how you plan to use it and get an answear that way.
  9. the ball first bounce you have it starting fast then slowing down before it hits that is backwards? the bounce up afte the hit is to constant it should start out fast then slow tell he catches it. 2nd through down the ball starts fast then slows then speeds up it should accel more with each time frame tell it hits once 2nd sqash you have it going round on next frame then stretching on next and the motion up is constant again it should start fast and slow with gravity the throught should start after the left foot lands or at least hte release video tape your self throughing
  10. I had the same no animation or modeling experience and I am doing well at learning and I am having fun with it. keep in mind that learning animation is one thing modeling is another sound editing is yet another lighting and coming up witha story to animate is yet another. So pick one you think would be fun go through the manual anb post results here Rodney helped me do that 3 years ago and he really means it when he says he will try to help you infact everyone here helps each other. There lots of models around try animating them or dive into modeling but trying to do everything your self for
  11. Wow this is our first time doing something like this? hard to tell from what you are showing us it looks great. Only thing I can see is maybe move the sun set from behind the building I get the idea of what you are trying to do the sun is shinning through the windows but you will need to turn down the sun a little only were the building is and keep it bright were the building is not. I have no idea how to complish that so meybe avoid the problem by moving sun location?
  12. Hum Dhar I was wondering if fire works could be used in your song?
  13. I was wondering about that also I remember someone was trying to sell there disc on this forum. Anyone buying it would also not be able to upgrade for the $99.00 so I asked that in the thread to kinda warn anyone about this major down fall of buying a used AM Disc. Also I don't know this but your friend might be endanger of lossing his ability to upgrade?? If I have a copy of windows legal of course and I give it away and someone else tries to register it my licence gets axed and I loss any sopport from M/S. This is what an owner of a Computer store explained to me a while ago. So let your
  14. There is so much help availiable here it's simple amazing depending on what stage your son is at this is what this online community has to offer. 1) http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showforum=108 2) http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showforum=116 3) http://wiki.hash.com/index.php?title=Main_Page_Two By the way I am the lucky guy getting this Instruction by Robert for that scene of the TWO (Tin Woodman of OZ) movie Project. In my opinion this is the best and lowest cost to find out if this is really for your son as a Profession. There is alot of hard work ahead
  15. Why not a series of poses start with what you have and add more mybe 2 or 3 to show him doing a slam dunk?
  16. Another thing if you printing this out that black background is going to kill your ink cartridge!
  17. Give us a bit of time ok I think if you bend rabit back a little in hips chest neg head and and bend the ears. I like the pose but arcs generally come off as more appealling to eye try doing his body as a arc ( or a S shape the S shape might be his ears leaning forward head and neck body centered and legs and feet more back behind him to right on this view. This would make him look like he just stoped froma run and his feet stayed the body keeped going and the head and ears are still going. More WOW or Punch into it! This posing is the first step in learning Animation Good luck and
  18. Yes it's a peachy keen Sorry could not resist It looks great !
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