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  1. Hi Robert Great idea. I downloaded one of your hypercam feedback movies (2_07_12_take4_commentsH.mov). Wow, now I see the what can be done remotely. It will probably be a while before we get back (school nurse called a few moments ago; my son's got the flu) but this looks very promising. Too, just ordered the A:M 2007 upgrade today (from 2000 version which was too complicated for my son at the time). Mark Alanzo ************
  2. Is there a technical school, junior college or online course that teaches a recent version of A:M in the North Texas area? If there is no usergroup or other organized instruction in A:M here in North Texas, is there anyone familar with the current version of A:M who would be willing to tutor my 8th grader in the basics. Hopefully three or four one hour lessons will "prime the pump" enough such that he will be equipped and motivated to learn much more on his own. BTW, he's bright; taking AP courses for half his schedule. Even so I get the impression A:M (3D animnation generally) is a chal
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