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    I like to animate/model in A:M, skiing, freeride mountainbiking and all sort of sports.
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    1.7Ghz, Geforce 128mb, 512Mb Memory, 80Gb HD

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  1. Nice work! Keep us posted.
  2. Cool! As good as allways!
  3. Hmm, thats getting closer. But, is there a way to make a "rings on water" effect? Maybe with a material? Edit: I mean; my shield looks abit like glass and when something hits it I want it to look like rings on water. Like when you throw a stone in water. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! I have made some spaceships that I have made shields for. And I need an effect when something hits the shield. Any ideas on how it should look? I have thought on a "rings on water" effect. But more ideas would be great! Thanks!
  5. Well, I don't think it's a Drug because the song was at first a lullaby for kids. I still remember my mum singing it. And yes, I'm Swedish but I liked the song. johnl3d: Looks great! Keep it up!
  6. Thanks for the coments! I don't seem to have the velvet shader. I only got Skin, Oren Nayar and Gardient there but no Valvet. [attachmentid=23276]
  7. Valvet Shader? I don't think so. I don't even know what it is.
  8. Hi all! I have just finnished a fast model of my favourite fruit: The Peach. It lookes okey but comments are always welcome! [attachmentid=23247]
  9. I must say it looks great! But i still miss a little refraction. Maybe just try so set it REALY low, like 1.01? It might give you the right effect. I don't know where you've got that information, but 1.07 is way too low. 1.5 is a good for ordinary glass. >> I got that from one of my older posts, but I also think even 1.07 gives to much refraction. Especially in round glass objects. //Emil Sweden
  10. One thing I see is that Index of Refraction is way to high. If I'm not misstaken then 1.1-1.15 is often recomended but i used 1.07 in my glass. This is going to look god when it's done just don't give up. //Emil Sweden
  11. If you want, then you can try to set tansparency to >95% then you will get clear glass. But to be sure, please post your settings. //Emil Sweden
  12. Hi! Nice start, but there can be some improvemnts. It seems like there is low transparency, crank it up abit and use Index of Refraction with that and you can get awsome glass. This is one I made, but is isn't finished yet but you can compare to atleast. //Emil Sweden [attachmentid=19445]
  13. Hmm, sound dificult but do you got any pic? //Korken
  14. Hmm, just got one problem. What shall nuber 2 be? Any ideas? //Korken
  15. Ok! Thanks for the coments dudes! This project is completed and stored for all who wants it, just tell and it is all yours! 1st of many... Status: Complete 2nd of many... Status: Started //Korken
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