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    dope sheet

    Frsit have you worked through the I can say that tutorial http://www.hash.com/VM/ #7 has 3 parts try working through that and it should work. Now 1st is you can move the whole text around put I have never tried scaling a group of words try working from the beginning left to right one word at a time. When you get to shaded words that auto did not work it's because that work is not in AM dictionary yet. select that one word only and select add single phonem just below auto and sound the word out yourself with the choices you have A,E,I,O,Y try as little as possible I feel they try to put to many in with auto IMHO. then try saving see he you still get error if so there is a section in forum called reports and fill out form with same type of info. And one more thing avoid swearing on this Forum please it's not allowed.
  2. We are building a list (it's really long in this section of the forums if you find anything not listed then add it please. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showforum=50
  3. Very nice I just think there is a snap that is happening when you turn on the left hand constraint. I would try to reduce that a little. But very nice keep the posts coming!
  4. Great work amazing and I really like it! You are a great teacher Robert, myself and alot of us owe you alot for all the time you have put in to share your experience and skill. Thankyou
  5. Yes how long have you had AM or are you thinking of getting it? what are your goals with it kinda stuff
  6. Sounds as if we got AM about the same time. I did TAoAM with Rodney and a group of friends that were going through it at the same time. One thing that helped me is doing and posting your results in the Forum when you get stuck you will get help it never fails someone eventually helps you maybe not always the same person and sometimes people try but they missunderstand or we fail to explain the problem enough. The main thing I want to say is you state you are going througth the tuts but it sounds like you are not having fun? Join TAoAM I started racing, me and Mike we had a playfull thing about who would post the final results frist but we helped each other out as well. Rodney was and is great the amount of time he spends helping others is amazing and very generous then after that which intruduces you to the software get in with the Boot camp forms and start doing that and post and read other people post it helps to see others strugle and improve with you and it's FUN! Trying to learn this software/art form on your own is the wrong way to go IMHO Check out my stuff it IN TAoAM and boot camp now TWO/animating WIP's look at how far I have come and the main reason is I have been having a Blast! and I enjoy this and I am building freindships. Next after that pick one thing you enjoy the most Animation, Modeling,texturing, riging,special affects and try to concentrate on that then when you get tried or frustrated move on to the next. For my self I am staying with Animation but I wouldn't mind trying my hand at modeling more in the future and there some many teachers here it's just up to me to decide when to switch over to another area. Last Look at TWO look at WIP's look at models and the sets If you want a goal want to get your hands on this stuff then follow these steps and have fun and I will help you get into this Amazing experience of working with Professional quality stuff makine a professional quality movie that you can have and show off for the rest of your life. But as already said it's up to you to start and by that I mean posting your work stop trying to do this alone!
  7. Ok I am confused four posts up you say your computer does not like ver 13? "Hmmm....too bad i cant help.......it might be interesting....but my computer doesent like version 13.....and i mean it REALLY doesent like it........lol.......anyways....good luck all......" If so post a report and it will probably get fixed. Then here you are asking how much ver 13 cost? So do you have ver 13 or not? and if not how would you know your system would not handle it?
  8. Way to go ! I was wondering I recieved an E-mail from I will attach it to this post. Ok I lost the E-mail? but I think it was from " II Monterrey International Film Festival, in Mexico. I did not do anything because I think it's a con. I received one E-mail about it then later I received another were they said they saw my animation on netfilms and they felt it should be entered. But here is the catch you have to pay to submit a film? they say if it does not meet there cut of submitted films I would get my money back. So ZazchBG how do these festivals work do you pay an entree fee?
  9. Learning Am is fun and it can be even funner if you join Rodney's TAoAM group. You even get a Cert. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?s=&am...st&p=139688 follow this link to check it out
  10. Brainmuffin, Thanks, but you don't need to do all of that. I'm not really looking for a job per se. I just want a little work, maybe on some independent production, or something like that. I'm really a little too old to be starting out at Pixar or the like. Although paying work would be appreciated I want something to show potential production outfits. Maybe drum up some freelance work. I dunno Thnks, Cory Are you working on TWO? that might be what you are looking for?
  11. Very nice maybe change the color of the base to give it some contrast. Any chance of making it public I am working on a Animation right now after seeing this I am wondering if I could write that into my script or not
  12. Hey... no smiling and posting without links allowed! What did you find? Sorry here they are http://www.geocities.com/mestela/posetut/index.html http://www.alienlogo.com/tincan/pose1.html
  13. How about making a pose slider were can I find one on that? Ok After a 5 minute search I found two sorry for posting before digging
  14. I want to try a Matrix effect I want the sound they use when the characters go into ths slow mode fighting stuff. Please attach her or Email it to me Please. THis is for MMC#3 and I have a deadline
  15. but it would make the book about 5X longer which for a comprehensive A:M tome would ratchet the page count up into the 900-1000 range easy; which most publishers aren't going to do, as it will have to cost you the consumer in the 80-100 dollar range. We writers are pushed down with page limits so all the clarity and step by step with each step illustrated type tutorials wind up just cutting into the amount of the software that can be covered. I'd love full color as well, the only publisher I've seen do a real good job on this was New Riders, the remiander of the feild is pretty cheap. They give the author the option to have a set of 'color plates' but those are so far removed from the text that it needs to relate to that it does very little good. I opt to put the color versions of all the figures on the disc instead.... All that being said, as I am currently writing the update all this discussion on what people want out of a book has certainly been distracting and helpful . I too look forward to whatever Georgia and her author have for us! -David Why don't they do all of that and sell us I CD with a .PDF Fully color all the detail and very little printing cost. We could have the PDF open while working through tutorials.
  16. Another reason for having the same credits at beginning and end is wether or not the person have media player set to hold last frame or jump to the beginning frame the clip ends without an annoying jump at a the end. First impressions are very important but the last thought even subconscious maters as well. It has already been stated but the Wow factor needs improving the fuzzy ness takes alot away from the High quality animating you have done. If you are sending this into companies I suggest greating DVD set everthing to highest quality and let AM render for the next couple of days. I was just checking out Camstasio Studio 3 which is what Hash uses for the TAoAM tutorials it has a free 30 day demo trial download it get a web camera pitch your self as the demo runs I know you feel that putting sound in is cheating when it comes to animating but I think you need show you off not just the animations. I know nothing of what your future employer wants to see but do not hold anything back Wow them with Sound video Quality, Computer skills, Presentation, Animation, Voice overs, Up to date everthing in one and make it look like you spent thousands doing this. I have read how a 14 year old kid web diesigner got so much bussness designing website in is bedroom adn when the interviewer ask how companies reacted to his age and that he was working out of his bedroom he replied he never told them his age or anything else the work sold itself BUT he says you have to look Big and professional and if you have lots of cash look at the site http://www.techsmith.com/products/studio/whatsnew.asp Look at what you can do and blow them out of the water using a 30 free day trail If you need any help just ask me I have some not alot experience in multi presentation and I would be glad to help
  17. Thanks I will NOT ignore it I appreciate it actually. Although I am still proud of what I have learned and done I do see I need allot more to learn. I knew that adding some steps and weight shifting would improve this animation but the truth is I was nervous to try to much. With the amount of experience I currently have I find that I can mesh things up so much I get myself in over my head really quickly. I hear what you are saying I agree and I will go to the next level with my next animation. Actually I cut this short I have more in the script and I have the wave files. If I am not ready for the OZ project then I will probably re-work this and finish it which will probably make this into a 1 minute + animation. It also seems too short as well other people have mentioned that it ends before it really should.
  18. Really intriguing image (hope the spelling is correct )
  19. People often say they want solid Comment & Criticism... I was referring to the unruly behavior of the characters They are really a super group of friends that I have been associated with for about 6 years now. They will spend hours helping you through a PC problem or giving another member there old components after an upgrade. I seen members spend hours helping other members through touch divorces and deaths in the Family. The wave files and stage props were made by two members PF_Coastie, PF_Rory. This was done as joke / present for the Squadron with the hope that this animation might draw more recruits into the Squadron. If time permits I was thinking of a series of short animations all on a similar theme. Having my friends helping by creating wave files and props for me really adds to the experience of Animation. I have done other valenter work and I really enjoy working with other people on worth while goals that are not ruled by high presure or the almighty dollar as everything else in life seems to be I put my name in for the Tin man OZ project and I hope I can get involed with that
  20. Downloading now... So So what do you think I was hoping you would see this I was thinking of putting a link in the new users forum to let you know. So So come on now what do you think did the long hours of helping me through TAoAM pay off or do you want the cert. back
  21. Thanks oakchas I know I still have alot to improve on but I am happy with my progress with AM. Now if I can only have a night without my teenage daughters channel surfing , playing music, talking about boys on the phone etc. in the same room as my computer I could get onto Boot Camp. Then after a day of work then going through that I usually has such a head ache
  22. This is a mock meeting of my Virtual Squadron buddies http://phantomfighters.nrgservers.net/Pant...201_320X240.mov Mark Allan
  23. I have done the same thing some time after Monday my animation might be added to AM films.
  24. I am also having problems I can not get past the submit button I get a image/pjpeg failed Message I see you got it uploaded how did you get it to work?
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