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  1. I notice people having opening and closing credits and there logo on video's while playing. So if I create .mov files what programs can open them be able to add these types of things and save them a .mov format?
  2. Please let me know how the upload works out. I am currently finalizing my first 30 sec. animation after completing The Art of Animation:Master with Rodney. I put AM aside for about 9 months to do some renovations and now I am getting back into it. My work is no where near as nice as yours and I am using supplied characters and sets. I am proud of what I have created for my experience level but want to improve. I plan to continue my studies with the boot camp after this aniamtion is complete. I wonder if hash would post my animation it can be used to demonstrate what people can do after a
  3. Done and it makes a big difference thanks
  4. I am really liking this program even after being away from it for about 6 months I am finding it alot easier to get back into. THe video tutorials help alot just skimming through them. I do believe the project is going to be larger than I should have really tried to do with my limited experience but so far so good. I would like to do the boot camp tutorials after this project
  5. I am working on a project for my squadron a little morale buster from the Co. It needs alot more to get this better and I have been away from AM for too long. http://phantomfighters.nrgservers.net/pftest1.mov
  6. http://www.colins-loft.net/new_coop_tutorial/tutorials.html
  7. I am like the tutorial but seeing I am creating a different looking character I am taking alot of liberty on how I do this. I am willing to learn from my mistakes and I am open to crits of this model I am not happy with how I have done the chicks I just found myself stuck and saw a 5 point patch and used it for now. I also do not know what exactly is a hook? Is it just a spline the ends like I have at the top of the nose? If not is there a command for creating one and what are there applications. Here are the wire frames sorry this took so long I have been busy with renovations.
  8. I am using Cooper tutorial and have started my first non AOAM model of a sargent character I want to animate. I am not sure what I am doing and I am just going for it and well learn from my misstakes I guess. This is what I have so far.
  9. Can you explain more about the apprenticeship program and the Mentor programs please. I have combleted Rodney's AOAM program and I am interested in doing more. I have read posts in the fellowship forums about the Mentor program but I do not know how to sign up or if I am ready or not.
  10. Looks really good I like the face animation of the girl you have the facial expressions done very well showing alot of emotion.
  11. I really like the eye brow movement! Great work!
  12. Sorry I have just been following this post for 13 pages. I am really curious if you ever got the problem shorted out in 10.5 or are you still using 8.5? I was hoping 11.0t would possible have fixed the problem Anyways reading this is really giving me a feel on how to create my own creations. Seeing this from concept to near completion really is helping understand whats involed. Thankyou very much for sharing this. As soon as I am done the tutorials I can't wait to start my first noon tutoiral animation. I know that posting my thoughts and WIP I can get ideas and input from eve
  13. Great work I am wondering how long have you been using AM? I am waiting for delivery of my copy and this is making my mouth water
  14. I like the sound work! it looked Great movie
  15. Well I just orded it today Look for my work soon daughter is really happy and I am hoping to work with her on some animations (Father and daughter projects ) Dalemation Thanks for the reply it made me feel confident enough to take the plunge
  16. Thanks for the insight you are right if you look for the negatives in all the careers you will never be able to chose any I am glad I found this site I think this is something that both me and my daughter can get into if nothing else than just enjoyment. She been asking me to find her some software and this looks great I like the web tutorials and Forums! Having others to ask questions and seeing others work will motivate us and show us what we could do if we really try.
  17. That most have taken Months! I am thinking of buying AM for me and my daughter to play with. My daughter wants to get into animation as a career. She is in High school now and If I buy this for her it's something we could both enjoy! Any suggestion or comments about Animation as a career? Is this like Music allot of talented animators unemployed and a few or best can pay the bills?
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