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  1. Hey guys, long time no see! I just want to encourage tbenefi33 to take the "write it yourself" approach. And I will tell you why. I work in the animation industry and for many years I was married to a story artist who worked on a LOT of animated films at major studios and also taught the freshman and upper level story classes at California Institute of the Arts, (CalArts). This is a school that is known for turning out many of the animation professionals in the industry here in Los Angeles and I just tell you that so that you know that she has chops. She would love it when people like you were in class. They would let her help them avoid mistakes, take on challenges but not overwhelm themselves and, most importantly, finish the films that they started. The fact that you don't think that you can write will save you from getting attached to something weird, too hard or just plain awful. You are likely to listen when people say things like, "Are you sure that you want to set your piece at the superbowl? Won't those crowd shots be hard?" or "You really want to do a 30 min piece with a cast of twenty who are on screen 80% of the time?" I bet that you will listen when people say things like, "Even if your character is just putting a stamp on an envelope we will care if we have some idea of who she is." Also I don't think anyone here would let you get started without knowing your beginning, middle and end; the major downfall of many student films. I think that you have the right attitude to write, of course if you just don't want to, more power to you. Keep in mind that much of the "writing" that goes on in animation is in the form of ridiculously simple drawings about the size of your thumbnail called, you guessed it, "thumbnails". These little comic strips guide most of the work and serve as the visual script. It is much better to draw a movie, even a short one, that makes sense without dialogue and then stick the chatty stuff in where ever you really want to hear what the characters are thinking or saying to each other. It makes you show the story, the whole point of this fine medium and gets you away from having characters standing around telling us everything. (ZZZZZZZZZ) Plus you can work out dynamic camera angles that help tell the story while keeping things clear WAY before you get distracted by all those mouth shapes. I am sure if you brainstormed ideas here right in front of everyone you could come up with something that inspires you and makes you jump out of bed in the morning to check your renders and start tweaking those curves! Good luck and no matter how you choose to proceed, awesome!!!! MikePett
  2. Hi Rodney and all. I have been a user since the software was called apprentice and ran only on amigas. I have been banging around the lists a good while too. Currently I am an animation professional working in the L.A. area. I have dabbled in and played with Animation:Master over the years and had a lot of fun and now I think it would be good to really get a mastery of 3d animation. To that end I am going through TAoA:M and then Boot Camp. It's been slow going but I am restructuring my time use and should see better results. I would like to be completed by the end of the year. Yours in 3D, Mike
  3. MikePett

    STEP 2

    I was either looking at the wrong bone or I didn't get my position saved properly. Back from step six or seven where the cheeks wont reach Arrrr. I assumed that I had done it right when you mentioned it. Lesson learned. (sheepish glances) Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detial. This system rocks. Mike
  4. MikePett

    STEP 2

    I am having the same issue and am proceeding with JD's hips a bit low. Mike
  5. Thank you for your prompt response. Mike
  6. Is this available to what I would like to hereby dub COUGH, "Community Of Users General/Hash". By that I mean can we all use this new rig? Where the heck is it? and all that. Mike
  7. me too! If I am eligable. M
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