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    Learning illustration, graphic design, web design, writing, layout, and animation. My two Boston Terriers, Chubby and The Moz, Vietnamese food, travel, casinos, British television, learning to speak Cantonese, music, and cottaging.
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    An embarassment. Working on acquiring something far more suitable in the near future!

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  1. You know, I missed the millions part... does Pixar have a Canadian branch? Because I think my mom is counting on me for the same thing, sigh. It's true though, nothing solidifies everything you've learned more than screwing it up and trying desperately to get it back (or having to do it again)
  2. Hi Rodney... I just got my software too, could I please enter the raffle as well? Have a great day! Kelly
  3. Haha, I was going to set up a home office, but with two little dogs and a lot of white carpet I think I should just go for the front hall! Have you considered a bar fridge and a microwave? They could fit neatly under your desk. Pizza pockets and eggo waffles can get you a long way, you know. Thank god my husband cooks, I would have scurvy by now!
  4. Haha, I'm getting the distinct feeling that A:M has some addictive properties? I think your idea of taking a break and just messing around with the program is a good one. As long as I don't do it on the actual exercise and have to start over! If I just start a new choreography and play a little it would probably be good for me. I tend to learn by making mistakes... after a few tries anyways I must admit though... we're already talking about moving our computer into the family room so I see people and puppies more. Not to mention TV, once Heroes is back on I can't be hidden in the basement! But then, I do brochures, logos and websites for people on the side, and take nightschool to learn new programs (tonight: Macromedia Fireworks), so I am on the computer a lot. Balance is an acquired skill that I am working on acquiring Lighting and textures manipulation? Will that be posted in the Exercise 1 forum?
  5. Hi Rodney, As soon as I posted that I found the place to post #1... I got a little ahead of myself When you say the various rendering settings you mean shaded, wire and shaded, wire etc? Or am I thinking of something else? I will give it a try tonight! I figure that I will test the possibilities, but my first priority is getting to #6 or 7 so I can help out on the movie. Then I will start playing a lot more So far I am having a lot of fun... except for when I accidentally deleted exercise #3 and had to start over. That was a Maalox moment I like the problem solving involved in it all though. Eventually I'd love to learn how to do the modelling, that looks like a blast, but I'm glad to be learning how animation works first... not sure that I will ever be making millions, but who needs millions? As long as I am having fun, get to be creative, and can someday stop renting from my mother... that's good enough for me!
  6. You must realise... this makes you A:M royalty by bloodline alone? Any cousin of PF_Mark (or aspiring animator for that matter) is most welcome here. Let the fun (and animation!) begin! Welcome! Hi Rodney! Thanks for the warm welcome... I just hope that I live up to my noble lineage! After some troubles with my models only appearing from the waist up and an email from PF_Mark I think I have figured it out enough to post Exercise 2... do we post #1 as well?
  7. Hi Everyone, I am definitely a newbie, I literally just installed the program! I've never actually done animation before, I'm currently in college learning about graphic design, illustration, layout and web design, but I've always wanted to do animation, so when my cousin, PF_Mark, told me about the program I had to give it a shot. Looking forward to doing all the assignments! Shamrock_12
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