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  1. I think I will try my way forward and see what the result looks like. In any case the control of the pose will be useful for me. And as a bonus I now understand how to key properties. It is great to take part of the way more experienced animators reason. Thanks for sharing, Rodney and Robert! And thanks for the tip! I have ordered "Stop staring" now
  2. It´s good to know that I wasn´t so far out after all, Rodney You´ve got me curious to explore the possibilities of driving other poses than lip sync by dopesheets, but that will be a later matter!
  3. Rodney, I am under the impression that the strength in using dopesheet during lip sync is speeding up the pipeline. After the dopesheet has done its work I will have to fine tune the lip sync anyway. Would you agree? Or do you think using dopesheet doesn´t bring any advantages?
  4. Thank you Robert! You picked up exactly what I wanted to do and demonstrated it so even I understood perfectly I have just one question. You mentioned in the end of the explanation that this is probably not the way you would do it. Could you give me the reason for that? It would be good to know if I am heading in the wrong direction not realizing that there is a more obvious solution.
  5. Great! I am looking forward to it
  6. When opening the Action node I can see that when working with a relationship a temporary action is shown. In it there is a shortcut to the whole model who has this little icon. Is this the one?
  7. I have searched in AM but can't find "Show more than drivers". My first guess would be in options, but I can't find it... Where can i find it?
  8. This is where I try to change the enforcement in a on/off pose
  9. I would like to be able to control the Enforcement of a percentage Pose from a on/off Pose. Is it even possible? I am constructing a character who is talking trough the corner of his mouth. Witch corner he is talking trough is varying depending on angle to the camera. I am planning to use Dope Sheet to quickly make the basic lip sync before fine tuning it. I am going for this approach: I make two percentage poses for all phonemes, one for each side (Right A I, Left A I, Right E, Left E, Right O, Left O etc.) and form the expressions of the mouth. Then I make a percentage Pose for each phoneme (A I, E, O etc.) In these poses I control the poses above (Pose A I at 100% vill set both Pose Right A I and Pose Left A I to 100 %) And finally I make an on/off Pose for each side of the mouth (Right LipSync and Left LipSync) This is where I want to control the enforcement of the right and left poses.... The result would be: When Right LipSync is on and Left LipSync is off my character will speak only from the right corner of the mouth. When Left LipSync is on and Right LipSync is off my character will speak only from the left corner of the mouth. And if both poses are on he will speak from both corners of the mouth. By this approach I am aiming for a dynamic way of changing "talking sides" while having the dope sheet to speed up the lip sync. I tried to do this but the Enforcement did not stick when trying to set it in the relationship... Is this kind of control not supported in Animation Master? If not, do anyone have any suggestions for a workaround to achieve what I aim for?
  10. Thank you Rodney for your reply. I am familiar with the Preston Blair phoneme set, so that is not the problem. The problem is that I can not find any similar way of transcribing the pronunciation of words when I search the Internet..... Animation Masters dictionary presents the words in a list. After each list is a transcribed version of each word of how it is pronounced. I could not find any other dic-files on the Internet having phonetic transcription after the words at all. To be able to make my own dictionary I need to understand how to write phonetic transcription from scratch. As you can see from the example below words seemingly sounding alike (first part of the words) has different phonetic transcription. That is why a guide or some sort of documentation would help me very much... phoneme 'f/oU/n/i/m phonemicist f/oU/'n/i/m/I/s/I/st phonemicize f/oU/'n/i/m/I/,s/aI/z phonemics f/@/'n/i/m/I/ks
  11. I would like to use dope sheets when animating my character. But as my native language is not english I would like to make my own dictionary in swedish. I think I can just replace the dictionary.dic with a swedish dictionary. But there is a problem: I do not recognize the way the phonemes are written. What phonemic alphabet is used in Animation Master? I can tell it is not the IPA by International Phonetic Association. Does anybody know of any documentation that explains the way phonemes are to be written in the Dictionary.dic to work properly in Animation Masters dope sheet? phoneme 'f/oU/n/i/m phonemicist f/oU/'n/i/m/I/s/I/st phonemicize f/oU/'n/i/m/I/,s/aI/z phonemics f/@/'n/i/m/I/ks
  12. I have started installing the rig in my character and it seems easy to use. And that was what I was looking for. How would you suggest using the Saucy-rig on a character with only four fingers? Should I just hide the bones I do not use for my nonexisting finger? Or should I delete them? Which finger-bones are recommended to keep and which finger-bones are recommended to skip? If I delete them maybe there will be some future problems with the behaviour of the rig? Maybe there is a standard way of doing this?
  13. Thank you Furchur! I will continue with the CP weights for the fingers. Good to know I am not way of tracks. /Stefan
  14. I am rigging the fingers of a hand and I know of 3 different ways to make the CPs move in a controlled fashion: Smart skin Fan bones CP weights I have found tutorials for each of them but I have not found the overall explanation how to think when choosing between them. In my case of the fingers, I started weighing the CPs and planned to do some smartskinning in the next step to tweak it more precisely.... But in the middle of the work I asked myself; Is this a good approach? I am worried that if I combine smartskin and CP weighing it will be confusing, for me, if I afterwards need to correct some unwanted behaviors of the fingers. What is the best practice? Is it to keep it clean and only stick to one or does it not matter if I combine them?
  15. I would never have guessed the tecnique used before I watched the Making of. Amazing!
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