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  1. Looks good so far. Maybe you could make it illuminate in parts, starting at the top. 3 parts animated over 3 frames may be enough to make it more look like it really strikes down.
  2. If you have the time line window open you can drag the action to the position where you want it to be. Or, in the properties window set the start and end position for the Chor Range property.
  3. I'm assuming you're trying to apply a A:M Track action? You'll have to make sure the exported bone names match the names of the bones in your face rig. If you're controlling the face with poses, you'll have to make sure you name the poses exactly like the poses on your model. Did you read the A:M tutorial that's included with A:M / Zign Track? That covers pretty much all the steps you'll have to take to get it working.
  4. Maybe you've locked the CPs? That's Ctrl+L on my PC but I'm not sure if that's the default shortcut for this. (you can check in the customize keyboard settings)
  5. Thank you Jason! The new A:M films site looks great!
  6. Something's wrong with the video. It's only 4.8 K and does not play.
  7. My plan for 2010 is to have more time available to work with A:M. Right now I hardy get to use it because I'm to busy with other projects I have to finish. I do have a plan for a short movie I'm hoping to get started on this year.
  8. O that's just great! I want to open them all right now
  9. Two servos alter the pivot hinge positions of the wings. This will change the angle of attack of the wings. This way I can control forwards/backwards speed and yaw. Varying the flapping frequency will make it climb, hover or descent.
  10. Thank you Luuk ! Well I can always send a card by e-mail to avoid printing and stamp costs by sending the papercard to the thousands of hashers who want one But for another dutch speaking hasher I am willing to make an exception and send a old fashion stamped paper version. Geef me jouw adres door met een persoonlijk bericht en een paar dagen later vind je er eentje in je brievenbus. Dat is aardig maar persoonlijke berichten versturen werk niet meer via dit forum. Je kunt wel m'n adresgegevens vinden op m'n website via de links onderaan m'n posts. Bedankt!
  11. Yes, I'll be using Autocad to make the final drawings so I can CNC cut the parts. The great thing about A:M is that I can see how well the mechanics does work before I build it. Huge compared to this one? By the way, I should not get full credit for the design of the mechanism. It has been done by other ornithhopter builders before so I have based this design on other models I've seen. I've altered the design so it would work for my dragonfly.
  12. This project is progressing very slow but I've got some more progress to show. I've got all wings hooked up now and the simulation is exactly doing what I was hoping for. I've also finished building all four wings (just the carbon frame for now). Here's some pics and animation: test02.mov
  13. That's a nice card Marc. Should we all give our addresses to you now?
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