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  1. I can't find the list of 18's new features anywhere... Are there any? Can s.o. point me in the right direction? Greetz, Elm.
  2. Cool! Does this mean that OBJ/LWO export offers these increments, too?
  3. Late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! Great image, can you describe how you did it?
  4. Hi! So here are the Bugs I was talking about. Sorry for blackening certain parts out in the screenshots for copyright reasons. Bug A: A model imported from V.16c: Renders well, but after changing reflectivity value on a certain group, it suddenly renders oddly (looks like accidental double extrusion, but isn't). Bug B: Figured out that it's an refresh/update issue - while rendering well locally, things mess up rendering via netrender (cps/splines magnitudes are messed up). Bug C: When trying to do Step-renders locally (due to the above mentioned netrender-issues) on multiple threads, renders randomly freeze (they render until infinity, no progress). Some after having rendered 10 frames, some after having rendered just two... no recognizable pattern. That's it so far, maybe i forgot something, but these things drove me nuts, as we really had to proceed quickly. greetz, Elm.
  5. Exactly. Do not make the same mistake. It's still behaving very very oddly. (Thing is - once you've "touched" things in 17, they keep behaving oddly back in 16 )
  6. Actually, I don't know where to start, and I don't have the time right now, as deadline's tommorrow... sh*t
  7. to be honest: wait a while before upgrading. we just switched to 17 and experienced A LOT of weird bugs, that being on a schedule of production. really uncomfortable. 16 really was reliable, 17 is not yet.
  8. Well, actually, also we argue a lot on what software to use and such. A:M still is most versatile though. Think that won't ever change. Oddly, it seems that a lot of CG people kinda have a biological mechanism that tells them not to be happy without having to struggle with stupid pieces of buggy and overcomplicated (as well as friggin expensive) software. Maybe they NEED to feel like - uumm - let's say engineers or something .. (to compensate their knowledge that, in fact, they aren't ) A:Ms simplicity seems to shriek off those people... This fact explains that A:M will keep its exotic status.
  9. ...Still don't know if there's ONLY the subscription version out there, or if there's also non expiring version by now...
  10. I'm not sure if that really was meant to be Al Capone... When I first saw that image, I was immediately thinking of someone with M.H. as initials...
  11. Holy Sh! Gerry put it right - Robert is a MAD SCIENTIST. Okay, i'll check it out. Thanks alot so far!!!
  12. Hi Freaks! I was wondering how you would rig this chain (see attached image). It's going to be a dancing guy so it will pretty much have to swing around his neck and things like that. Cloth? Newton? bone-chain? All ideas welcome, and thanks in advance for input!!! Elm.
  13. Where can I find this history page? Greetz, Elm.
  14. All great, still non-comparable with the real deal, my opinion..
  15. Do I get you right: A light travels along those paths in a multipass frame? Greetz, Elm.
  16. Anyway, if you're planning on using multiple passes for later compositing (whether with or without using netrender), you really should bake all dynamics before rendering. That's because - even if you render locally on one machine - the dynamics might be simulated with slight differences. Thus the resulting passes won't fit with each other. i think Nancy's approach is the right one. Just check the dynamics after baking and eventually alter your settings. Greetz, Elm.
  17. Elm

    Cloud fly-thru

    would you share the prj?
  18. Elm

    Cloud fly-thru

    Awsome!!!!!!! just found this..
  19. I don't get it. Box of splines crawling along the walls of the room?!
  20. Elm


    @Robcat: Looks good! But you know my point(s)... - Do you have any Idea about faking color bleeding/radiance? Maybe with everything fully reflecting very blurry? @Yves: After I checked the cornell box tut on your hp again, I think I really have to set up the scene back from the start. Especially the portion about "visually" controlling the settings (1 pass rendering, etc) as well as taking the Scene's scale into account may improve the rendering a lot. I'll give it a try, but right now I'm busy on something different ...unfortunately.. Thanks a lot so far!!!
  21. Elm


    Hi Yves! How cool you're still around!! I'm not really sure (not in the office right now to check, maybe tomorrow..), but I pretty much cranked up every value.. I will post the values I used when I'm back in the office. And - yeah - what about that baking thing? All the best, Elm. EDIT: IIRC, my values are: Photons cast: 1.000.000 Sample Area: 4.000 Photon Samples: 2.000 Intensity: 90% (?) Max Bounces: 15 Caustics: Off Final Gathering: On Samples: 50 Jittering 50 % Precompute Irradiance: On
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