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  2. Anyone know how to cure the effect of an object spinning with increasing speed until it looks like its going in reverse? Like movies of propellers and wheels. Other than just slowing it down to a crawl. Had tried to come up with a way of making the chain advance along a path using expressions but just animated the chain & sprockets separately. Thanks in advance. Sprocket01.avi
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  4. John, I had to download a codec in order to view the video. This might be problematic if shared with others that don't have that codec. Cute bird!
  5. Free... if willing to build from source. Nominal fee for current builds to fund development (available via gumroad). General use: Drag/drop obj into viewport. Paint. https://armorpaint.org/index.html Online manual: https://armorpaint.org/manual.html On Windows the application is portable (no installation required) and approx. 10MB Also runs on Linux, Mac and iPad. Even if only used to create decals via proxy model the application might allow A:M users a pipeline to use PBR materials; generating the various texture maps/decals required...
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  7. Hadn't even thought of trying to flip the baked particles. As you said, filming it straightforward and reversing in another program might be the easiest way to go... Thanks!
  8. The baked files are all rather inscrutable binary, unlike most A:M files. However, I presume with some comparative analysis one could deduce the format and figure out a way to reverse it.
  9. If "Bake Particle Systems" created keyframes in the chor one could select them and do rmb>flip>X-axis. However, baking isn't editable like that. Reversing the video in post likely the way to do it.
  10. I had an interesting idea and that is , what would it look like in reverse. Particles coming together to form something. I took the render into After Effects and reversed the order. I don't think having particles come together to form specific models would be easily doable in AM. Reverse.mp4 Does anyone know whether it is doable as shown in the new video? Or is the best way to render normally and reverse the frames like was done here? If it was doable, there could be some interesting scenes of things exploding and coming together while skipping the step of exporting specific frames,reversing them and then re-composting them afterwards. Tom
  11. used amplitude to control the pose ....need to improve my recording bday.mpg
  12. Here's a Shaded render version of the streaks project. A Final render has some transparency trouble I've sent in as a bug report.
  13. How did you not get a motorcycle with a sidecar? I was sure that was how the story was going to end!
  14. Good troubleshooting on the Spade color issue! What's nice is that multiple materials can be dropped on top of groups for interesting results.Can't wait to play with this...
  15. I think you're talking about a "material effector"?
  16. I figured out why the black Spade sprite didn't work... I left the "Additive Color" ON. Adding black to something leaves it as it was so no black appeared.
  17. I clicked on the link for June 27, 2020 and I got the "404" error message page not found. Maybe something got the wires twisted.
  18. The Live Answer Time session regarding this topic can now be found on the Live Answer Time... Less Live page.
  19. Whoops! Sorry. Here is the unbaked version. I'll delete the ZIP. StoParticles08_UNBaked.prj
  20. Rob- I unzipped the S_to_Streaks project and this (attached) error message popped up. I tried clicking through it but it just keeps cycling this message with different ".pai" files. And then starts at the beginning again. I don't think it will even give me the chance to un-bake the files. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Tom
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