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I do not have time to do my right up this time. GoDaddy forced a email move and It's making things crazy right now.  My real email may have lost all of it's folders and everyne has to what looks like re-download all emails on their work clients.. But I'm working through it now. Do here is the plan text versions of the update/Changes

I will try to edit this weekend to make it look better. But the way this week is going I may just go jump off a cliff, so I can get some time off hahaha!!


Change Log:

- fixed all
  0007055: Action stops working if window is closed
- fixed all
  0007056: Library icons not displaying
- fixed windows
  multiline tooltips are back

- new all
  0007051: Feature: ALT causes bias handle to aim at next CP [see demo video in post below]
  ALT changes aims the bias to the next cp on the spline in direction
  of the handle side, SHIFT+ALT leaves the bias handle on the other side

- fixed all
  0007050: Can't create five-point patches
- fixed all
  0007049: Renderslave crash , when rendering is finished
- fixed all
  in workbook mode, the icons on the tabs are back ...

- new all
  0007047: Hair grooming mode / guides without showing particles?
  A new button "Disable Particlesystem update" is available under
  Tools->Customize->Commands->Categories:Tools [see demo video in post below]

  add this to Your grooming bar.
  The other way to enable this button is
  Help->Reset Toolbars
  If this button is checked, the particlesystem is not updated while
  You'r modifying the hairguides.
  Be sure that only the window , where You modify the guides, is visible
  (no tiled or cascaded view mode), otherwise the other views are updated.
  Implemented for Edit, FK, Brush and Lengthen Mode.

- fixed all
  0007048: Hooks don't work on small sizes

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