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My tiny house

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  • robcat2075 changed the title to A tiny house
  • Hash Fellow
1 hour ago, johnl3d said:

so when are you moving .....great detail

It might really happen. I'm planning ahead to getting out of the large house I am in and I'm using A:M to pre-vis ideas I have for something smaller.

I own a lot that is 35 feet wide, but between the driveway and the setback from the next property there are about 16 feet to squeeze a house into. So that's why it looks the way it does.

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  • robcat2075 changed the title to My tiny house
  • Hash Fellow
8 hours ago, Fuchur said:

A lot of windows in that tiny house... you do not mind being observed too much, do you? Or aren't there any neighbours?

The concept is inspired by the famous Stahl House, but trying to do it in a neo-classic style


I bet they've had every telescope in Los Angeles look into their living room. :D


But I expect to have vertical blinds I could pull when I want.



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  • Hash Fellow
1 hour ago, R Reynolds said:

The ceiling lamp in this room seems to "cast" a speckle-like noise that is fixed within the frame (i.e. doesn't move with the surfaces) and is most noticeable in the door of the refrigerator. I assume this can be reduced if you're willing to accept longer renders?

Yes, It's a very odd look, like my screen is dirty.

It is basically a dithering done to counter the "banding" artifacts of the process

I've been experimenting with parameters to see the tradeoffs in time vs. quality and the noise pattern can be substantially reduced.

Fortunately, with modern CPUs and RAM, radiosity renders are not impossibly long anymore. I think you would find it very interesting for the indoor scenes you are doing.

Animation will be possible.

Here is some very obvious banding when "jitter" is set to zero. Discrete reflections of the vase appear on the wall.



The severity of that can be reduced by increasing jitter.













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  • Hash Fellow

@R Reynolds Here is a less noisy render of a similar frame. More Final Gathering Samples and much less "Jitter" (dithering).

The refrigerator door with its higher specular is difficult to remedy. Maybe if it were textured with a bumpy surface like a real fridge door instead of a flat plane it would be less troublesome. Or maybe some refrigerator magnets and kindergarten art all over would fix it.


Final Gathering: 500 samples, Jitter 5%   18 minutes



250 samples, Jitter 15%  12 minutes



The original render was 100 samples, 100% Jitter  6 minutes

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  • *A:M User*

The lighting definitely looks better in the above photo, the ceiling looks less sterile and more realistic due to the less perfect surface.  If not for the CG character I might think this was a photo in an architectural magazine and not a rendering. 

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