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Robert has started a thread about Bioshock's Big Daddy character in this thread: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...t=0#entry245969

I really liked the character and asked Robert for approval to model Big Daddy also. With his ok on the subject, I splined away. This is my humble beginning, um, I mean Big Daddy's humble beginning.


Critiques and comments always welcome.


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Nice model! From the above reference (I've never seen this character before)....the arms are stubbier and hands bigger. In fact the hands are almost the size of his forearms!

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Hi Ken:


I'm actually using a different rotoscope for this character than the above reference. There seem to be several variations of the character whose basic concept I am trying to loosely interpret. Below is the roto I'm using -

Also notice this version has no drill attached to it's arm and the helmet is completely different. This may be a different character from Bioshock, or an earlier interpretation.


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Wow. Real nice. Are you going to rotate his arms up to do the rigging? You should do a new character and enter the Mascot contest (I don't think an existing character can be used on AM's cover.)

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Since the texturing on the suit is mostly materials, you could probably get away with using bitmap plus.


yeah looks like texturing can be minimal too...


Youch! This hurts my ears...materials certainly have their place, but this model has so much oppurtunity for cool textures!


I wouldn't suggest not texturing. It adds a lot of personality; you can't get the same feeling with attributes. The only other way would to use a material, but those can be very costly on rendering time to get the same effect.


Um...yup...what Matt said :D


Looks great Eric! The main model was done by Ian Joyner. Hope this link can help! Good luck!



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