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  1. Thanks for that. I went to one. I did everything too fast, and wasn't ready when I graduated. I just want her to not do what I did. But I have faith that she is going to b alright. I did all I can do for now.
  2. My daughter is interested in going to college. She wants to learn character design and level design for games. I am just a novist designer for cg animation. I would like advice from people in the biz. (I'm going to teach her what I can. She's already getting better than me. I feel like Yoda in "Return of the Jedi".)
  3. My computer died and I haven't subscribed for years. Do I need a disk in the drive? Does a new subscription mean I have to start all over? I do still have my subscription serial number. Does that still apply. Its a long story, but 2 years ago I got mugged and had a fractured skull. I have a bit of memory loss. But I'm doing good enough now to come back to A:M. Miss u guys!!!!!! and girls!
  4. i like your rom pitt character's hair. did you apply a decal in the particle hair settings or did you just change the color, specular and ambiance settings of the hair?

    ps r your characters cyborgs (sciborg?) mine r 2 :) working on some new models

  5. Eventually all of the lagging upon the previous bone causes A:M to multiply the computation for each bone down the line- not the most economical way to do it... the answer to making it computationally easy is to make all the treads orient and translate to the main tread bone, but with each next bone increase the lag by one unit (to make things simple: my unit= 1). You can adjust the unit to be anything that makes the treads fit next to each other better. My tread belt needs 36 treads to complete the link. I'm still working on a solution to the timing issue... and I'm close.
  6. This causes the timing problem... to compensate I'm going to try something to control the speed. I don't want to use aan expression... actually an expression could solve this whole problem. A brainstorm is needed here...
  7. Yes... the tread skips on the loop... and the timing is not perfect... I will be working on this again, but first I must work on the other two special rigs I've been trying to work out and it wasn't really my intention to work on this, it was just "happenstance" and I clumsily tripped into this idea. I have an I dea for non-penetrating armor rig and a muscle rig. I will be back soon.
  8. I was just experimenting with ways to use one bones movement to affect anothers and making a chain of wacky bones that move in all sorts of directions and ways... and it sorta just sparked in my mind: Tank tread movement is sorta an eliptical movement- if I can get a bone to move in an eliptical path (without using a path), half the battle would be over. The details and math I don't know, but visually I can speculate the angles and speed of things, which led me to Turn a bone at an angle so that the handle movement looks like an elipse. Now how do I get a bone to only travel in x,y of this handle movement? #1- child a target bone to that bone in line with the handle. #2- make another bone (tread bone) translated to the same spot of the target bone. #3- now you need translate limits constraint on this tread bone. set so the bone can move freely in (world) x,y movement but restrict z to "0". WOW the tread moves in an eliptical path..... but if I limit (world) y movement the eliptical movement is cut off by this and looks more like a belt that is streatched across two drive wheels. **BUT** we still need to have another bone closely follow this bone on the track (and many to follow that one too)- and the answer is simple: translate and orient a bone to the main tread and have it lag 1 in the orient and translate properties. then do the same with each tread bone you make... just translate and orient like the previous bone (piggy-backing). I've provided a *prj* file that you can look at or for observation. anyone that wants to take this and build on it you have my permission... try to post here or link to this post so all the info is available to people. Thanks. Tread2xi_0000.mov TreadTheory2.zip Tread2wi_0000.mov
  9. DJBreit: You are correct! I know what you are doing here. Also the advice the others are giving you here is correct as well. You are going for exacting radius of how bones interact in the physical world. Obviously, you have found a way to put this into a rig. New ideas are always needed for greater detail... and it is my assumption this rig would not be used for a cartoon character or anime hero... this rig is for realistic characters?
  10. Did you ever try using a Wacom tablet... using the pen is actually quicker for me, than the mouse and easier on the wrist and fingers... it's just like writing.
  11. As opposed to a haphazard grid of splines, just placed there to connect the parts of the face or body together. The loops/ continuos splines follow the contours of the surface shapes/volumes.
  12. I read a lot about Edge loops: They control the topology of the surface, and they follow the pattern of muscles and bone structure under the skin. It also helps you see your character's volumes better. Doing this with splines gives you less to try to smartskin to correct the shape of moving geometry. Something interesting about controlling splines to make a hard edge: The closer two loops are, the harder the ridge or edge you can create. Thanks for bringing this up, it's been a while since I modeled something.
  13. How close to deadline are you? Please show a render or screengrab of your model with the mesh visible... that way people can deturmine the amount of work to be done before bombarding you with replies.
  14. NEW! Version 4 of the Genman model, ready for texturing at tweeking... I've also included a proxy model. This is the base model I use to create my characters. I noticed that it may need some editing of the phonemes and facial expressions to make it more like you would want it. He is finished and saved out of A:M v13.0k. All of his textures overlap on edge patches, so if you want you can create an alpha that bleeds the edges of the overlaping edge. This is determined by the order of the stamps in the decals. Stamps are all named, so you will have no confusion there. I copied all the flattened action keys to poses so you can re-apply the textures if you want to do that... also I've kept all of my groups and selections in the model to easily get to the parts you need to edit or change. He doesn't have feet attached to his body, the boots are seperate from the body. Thanks to all who are interested... IN THE FUTURE: I may make the next version with controls to change facial features and also body shape and size. GenmanV4.zip
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