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  1. Thanks for that. I went to one. I did everything too fast, and wasn't ready when I graduated. I just want her to not do what I did. But I have faith that she is going to b alright. I did all I can do for now.
  2. My daughter is interested in going to college. She wants to learn character design and level design for games. I am just a novist designer for cg animation. I would like advice from people in the biz. (I'm going to teach her what I can. She's already getting better than me. I feel like Yoda in "Return of the Jedi".)
  3. My computer died and I haven't subscribed for years. Do I need a disk in the drive? Does a new subscription mean I have to start all over? I do still have my subscription serial number. Does that still apply. Its a long story, but 2 years ago I got mugged and had a fractured skull. I have a bit of memory loss. But I'm doing good enough now to come back to A:M. Miss u guys!!!!!! and girls!
  4. I have been down and out. Off the grid for a while, but I will come back in a couple of months. I miss u guys soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! I have no computer and no A:M disks, everything I had is gone and I was in a shelter for a while. Things are looking up now. I need a contact for MAAM. I live in North Philly now, so anyone close by would be nice.
  5. Hey... when is the next meeting... I moved to Philadelphia in August. I'm bout ready for a meeting... hopefully after the snow has been cleared away!
  6. It looks great...Did you use any Wizards for this? (AI/Font, or some type of rail extruding?) Never mind, I read the rest of this post... sorry... for hand modeling from scratch it LOOKS GREAT. A few items might need some bevels so they don't look CG. Mostly the parts that have hard angles on them. You are very detailed here and it would add to the realism of the final render, especially for radiosity renders.
  7. i like your rom pitt character's hair. did you apply a decal in the particle hair settings or did you just change the color, specular and ambiance settings of the hair?

    ps r your characters cyborgs (sciborg?) mine r 2 :) working on some new models

  8. Hey, good to see you back here, Rich! Hey!! Cat-dude!
  9. I'm not Dre4mer, but I can give you some suggestions to think about til he answers you. As long as you assign the cloth cps like the body cps, and have all your cloth normals facing toward the deflector normals, and the distance of the cloth is outside the detection areas (or lower your Collision Tolerance in the "Chor>Plugin Properties>SimCloth") then "YOU B KOOL"!! Another good measure is to set the Chore>Plugin Properties>SimCloth>*Solver Precision* way lower than the default *0.01*. I usually use *0.001* As far as having it flipping too much... maybe doubling
  10. Do you realize we all started on the forum a month apart from each other?>>> Vern in Sept. '03, John in Oct. '03, and me in Nov. '03!!! Just some trivia. John.... how you doing with picking some dates???????
  11. I'm not available those dates. November might be better for me.
  12. Eventually all of the lagging upon the previous bone causes A:M to multiply the computation for each bone down the line- not the most economical way to do it... the answer to making it computationally easy is to make all the treads orient and translate to the main tread bone, but with each next bone increase the lag by one unit (to make things simple: my unit= 1). You can adjust the unit to be anything that makes the treads fit next to each other better. My tread belt needs 36 treads to complete the link. I'm still working on a solution to the timing issue... and I'm close.
  13. This causes the timing problem... to compensate I'm going to try something to control the speed. I don't want to use aan expression... actually an expression could solve this whole problem. A brainstorm is needed here...
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