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    3D animation (of course)<br />SiFi Books, TV and Movies (big stretch there)<br />History: both ancient and modern<br />Good Single Malt Scotch and Fine Cigars.<br />Charter member of the Mid-Atlantic Animation Master User Group (MAAM). (well...if there was a charter)
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  1. RICH!!! I'm still here, working in the city. If you can stop by please do, you know where I am.
  2. Richard??? Where did you go???
  3. Mack!!! Good to hear from you. Hope everything is going well for you. Perhaps you can Skype in on Saturday. Now the only person we haven't heard form is Mr. Jackson. Has anyone heard from him lately?
  4. Is it just me, or have we been elevated.
  5. Hey, I've already talked to some of the powers that be. (that be Hubukai and Vern) Is anyone up for a meeting Saturday the 21st of March? My house is open and ready. This also goes for anyone in NJ, PA, DE and the surrounding areas.
  6. For those of you, who like me are prone to forget: See ya soon
  7. Hey mtpeak2 Didn't know you were so close. You could just hop on 295 and be here in an hour (or if you drive like my wife 45 minutes) Anyway, the invite is there and if you can make it please do.
  8. OK then, We are on for Saturday the 22nd of November at my house. Do you hear that Rich???? None of that Tellitubbies stuff http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?act=a...st&id=35876 Do you guys still need directions or are there any new members who would dare expose themselves to such folly??? BTW John, I still don't have an PS3 so don't bother with the Blueray discs, unless of course you want to bring yours.
  9. Hey guys, (with his head bent low) Eh, how are you all doing??? Sorry, don't know how I could have strayed so far. I haven't been around and I'm sorry. I feel like giving that 1/2 assed apology Christopher Reeves gave to EG Marshall in Superman 2, but I will not. OK so it will have to be November and we could most likely do it at my house but it depends on the date. There are some things going on for me in November (as I'm sure there is for all of you) What dates are free? Let me take a look and I'll get back to you, in the mean time is there any date that doesn't work?
  10. Vern, if you can make it for 3 hrs or so that will have to do, despite our collective sadness. John, if you could bring some soda, cans or bottles, or perhaps beer if you feel so moved. I though we could just order pizza or something. What ever you decide will be great I'm sure. I'll do a little munchie shoping in the morning. We will want for nothing!!! Oh, could somebody bring a laptop, I'd just like to always have a fall back plan.
  11. OK, Looks like its my house, Saturday at 1PM sound OK??? For those of you who don't remember.... check this Any questions, give me a call. Any ideas on a menu? I'm open for any suggestions. Rich, have you learned to cook yet? Vern, bring your keyboard and we can turn it upside down and shake it, that should be good for a bowl of... something, right???
  12. It's leaning more towards my house but I'm still not sure.
  13. Hey Everybody, OK! It seems that we have the 22nd locked down. Is everybody still up for that?? As far as a location goes I am trying to get us a place at my work located in Center City Philly. But if that doesen't work we can have it at my house. Thouble is I may not know until the week before so stay tuned.
  14. Jeezzz, You guys really know how to go at it. John, did you ever think of writing a manual? Anyway, about the meeting, as far as I know I'm up for it but I can't really say until we're a bit closer to the date. And as far as a place goes let me see what I can do.
  15. Rich, Check with me about transportation.
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