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  1. I will be there for sure. I have that day blocked out and im ready to show some cool stuff. I hope we can get more people.. People!!!!
  2. Hubukai is getting ready for the animation master meeting and kettlebell class today.
  3. vern, ill be there around 1230 to 1pm. i have a few things up my sleeve.
  4. Hi everyone, While I thought that I would give everyone a call with that good old analog telephone because I thought it would be a more efficient way to get a hold of everyone. Of course I was incorrect. After I talked to Rich Jackson I decided to give down a call and Don said he'd already posted in the forum. Darn, you think being the nerd that I am that I would have checked the forum first. Well it's good to hear everyone's voice anyway. With the data firmly set in stone and dons graciousness of hosting it at his house I will be there with my elf shoes on and bells around my neck. As a matter of fact maybe we can do a little rendering project while we're all together. Although I will have a thing new in the animation master arena to show, I will have some thing else new show and with luck I'll be able to learn some the new features and show them off at this meeting. The fact that Don Davis is going to make chili is worth the trip from any direction anyone would come for up to 4 Hour Drive. I think that if you drive over two hours Don send you home with a small container of Chile for you to enjoy on the ride. Anyway, I look forward to seeing everyone again. It has been far too long but I'm glad were getting together before the year is out. Us nerds need to stick together. I will see you all over dons house on the 22nd. Grab a friend by the arm and dragged him along. If you see summit on the side of the street pole over and say "hey, would you like to go to an animation master meeting?" (although that might not be a good idea, I think in some states that's considered unlawful ) Oh, I had another thought as far as keeping communication up the and I will e-mail this to all of you guys. I've recently been a little bit in to face book and I think it might be a good way for us to communicate. I just want to keep the communication lines open. See you all next week at dons house.
  5. is everyone on for Nov 22nd at Dons house???? If so i CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!
  6. I am up for November 22 as well.... Anyone else?
  7. hi guys, As of now I am open to every weekend in November. Since this month is almost over I would probably suggest November 15, 22nd or the 29th. I don't think anybody would have anything ready by the first or even November 8. I know I will have some stuff by the 15th. So the 15th, 22nd or the 29th would work out just fine for me. Don, if you want to host it at your house that would be great. It's been a long time since we've been at the Casa-De-Davis. We definitely need a meeting before the end of the year. It's been far too long since we've all gotten together and there's been many things going on in the world of computers and 3-D. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like I can start a new poll on this thread for a date so I guess we'll just have to pick one manually. Let's keep it open and pick a date! My suggestion would be November 15 but I'm up for any weekend in November. I look forward to hearing back from all of you. Don, if we do get together at your house, I would like to shoot for getting there a little earlier, say around 10 AM to 10:30 AM because we always seem to run out of time. If that's okay with you let me know. PS, let's make sure we get Mack there as well!
  8. yes . polls are cool. ok, so november.. man that is a long ways away.. but we GOTTA do it in november... December we will all be to busy. ill post new possible dates.
  9. Dear Animation Master User Group, [ Are we still alive? ] We all know that is been a long time since we last got together. Too long in fact. Way too long in fact! I feel the midi-chlorians are beginning to fade and that we need to have an emergency meeting of the mid-Atlantic animation Master users group as soon as possible. There are many exciting things happening in the animation world. Probably one of the most important recent discoveries is http://www.killerbeanforever.com The killer Bean was the first animation I ever saw that really inspired me to get into animation and when I learned that animation Master is a program that was used to create it, I then purchased my first copy. Version 8.5 I believe. Now that we are all up to version 15 D., it's time for all of us to reconvene and discuss the animation world. So I would like to propose the following dates for the next mid-Atlantic animation Master meeting. The first possible date I have available would be October 25. I actually have one date that would be available but it would be on a Sunday which is September 28. I'm not too sure if anybody is available for a Sunday meeting because usually our meetings go long. I already have something planned for Saturday, September 27 but if that day works for everyone and none of the other days work, then I can cancel the plans for that day. So here the following days I have available and hopefully they will coincide with everyone else. 1. Saturday, October 25 2. Sunday, September 28 3. Alternate day, Saturday, September 27 Location: There are probably a couple of possible locations where you have the meeting. I think we should all figure out what is best for everyone. As always I offer my house is a meeting place and everyone would be welcome. One of the main reasons that I picked the above dates is because the wife will be away those weekends and I will have the house all to myself. ;- ) Other possible locations. Philadelphia: as of right now we don't have anything laid out for a location but if that's where everyone wants to meet I will research possible meeting places and see what I can come up with and posted in the forum. Don Davis, I can't speak for Don but, done if you would like to host for the next meeting I would be more than happy to bring bunches of food. I hope everyone has been making an attempt to keep up their creative juices flowing, attempting to animate everyone's a while or do some 3-D modeling or something of that nature. Anyway, please post back to the forum and if you feel the need you can also reply to all via e-mail. And if anyone has seen Mechadelphia out there in the Internet cloud please throw him a rope and reel him in.
  10. Mech, Glad to see you are still alive. We thought that once you flew out of the atmosphere with that big green meteor you were a goner. Glad to see you returned to earth safe and sound. and with a New Mech no less. Congrats. We should all chat to go over the next meeting… Do we need to have one… YES… are we still MAAM… YES… Go MaaM Go!! PS, thanks for checking in. if you find a meeting place in philly, let us know. I will also begin looking around as well and see about scheduling the next meeting. Maybe we should all get skype and have some scheduled virtual discussions…. Rich? Don? I know Vern is here all the time! :- )
  11. Hi All. So this Saturdays meeting is officially postponed... ( Postponed because I still want to have a summer meeting sometime) and I will send out an email and Post for new Dates and location options ). Many things are going on this summer and all the stars and planets are not ligning up for most of us so I am putting out and official "Postponed for This Saturdays Meeting". Once I take a look at the schedule i will post some new dates and location options. I think the next possible location for a meeting will be in Philly or even possibly Wilmington depending on this and that. I still want to get together sometime this summer with you all so i will keep on top of it. any thoughts please post... Hey, anyone seen Mac?
  12. ok, to confirm all... The MAAM Meeting will be here in West Chester, PA at my house Saturday June 21st, 2008 Starting time I would reccomend 12 noon-ish... please post if all are in favor and all are ok with this all. I will email all to confirm. As you know the MAAM Meetings are tough to schedule as we are all busy beez but necessart to keep the fabric of time an space glued together. If any one has any thoughts, questions, please email me or call me. Many thanks!! I do regret to inform that my presentation situation will be "minor" so i am counting on Vern to fill the void!!! Haaa, Pressure!!! :- )
  13. hi everyone, Yesterday's mid-Atlantic animation master meeting was extremely inspirational! Many thanks to our wonderful host Don Davis, providing us with food and a great place to have our meeting. Now, it's time to schedule the next mid-Atlantic animation master meeting. At the end of yesterday's meeting we thought that some time in June would be a good date for the next meeting. We're doing this one a little bit sooner than we typically would because we wanted to get everyone together just before summer so we can get those creative and inspirational ideas flowing. So, here is my proposal for the next meeting date with an alternate date. Meeting date: June 21, 2008, Saturday. Meeting location: John 's house, West Chester Pennsylvania. Alternate meaning date: June 28, 2008 Saturday. Meeting location: John's house, West Chester Pennsylvania. I figured I would offer up my house for the next meeting location. it should be pretty warm that day so we may even be able to get the barbecue going and do some animation mastering out on the deck. We have many things to potentially look forward to. let's all soon if we can lock down a date for the next animation master meeting and of course all newcomers are more than welcome. It would be great to see some new faces and said new animation master skills at the next meeting. If anyone has any questions please feel free to e-mail me or Don. In the meantime, keep those computers rendering!
  14. To all MaaM Members. Many thanks to Don for hosting and feeding us some wonderful , great food. Vern for his Ruby on Rails Demo. Rich for Virtually being available. John or holding Virtual Rich. Mac, What happened to Mac? The Search for Mac continues. This looks like a job for the MAAM Squad! John R. will be giving an Adobe illustrator Lesson next meeting ( although he doesn't know it yet ) :- ) Don, can you send the photo or post on the forum? PS, i was inspired, i started to THINK in 3D again!!! ~~~~ Things i personally want to see next meeting... 1. Don do something with that stop motion program,,, a video prehaps. maybe something with star wars legos. A comedy... ((( Or wait, MAYBE we get 2 toy terminators, build a fake set... and do verns script in stop motion as well as in AM ????? ))) that would rock. 2. DSP coming along further 3. Rich Jackson ( the non virtual version ) 4. MACK... 5. Vern Terminator sketch animated, verns please send script so we can read and send you files. 5.1 Vern do terminators sitting at table in Animation Master ( 3d for script ) i think u should do it in AM!!! 6. Me do something, modeling wise. maybe a fleet of space ships... Don, what was the name of that program? Nerds UNITE!!!
  15. Apparently Rich Jackson will not be with us physically but will be skyping in.
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