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    3D Rendering, StarTrek, Talking Geek with other Geeks, Guiness (The best beer ever), Relaxing on the deck, SciFi Movies (Anything SciFi)
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    Athlon 64 3200+ Processor 1 gig Crucial Ram ATI 9600 Pro w/ 256 meg Ram (2) Raid 1 western Digital 10K rpm drives

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    John Hubickey
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    Philadelphia, PA
  1. This is awesome. While i am not a programmer, I would put $ twards something like this. Keep up the great work.
  2. THANKYOU!!! Now i get it... yes, i am using photoshop... i just have to grab my JPG files and add the aplha channel to it and save as a TGA with alpha... Duh... Many thinks...
  3. If anyone can help tonight, I would appreciate it!... I am not to familiar with decaling and alpha channels or decal transparency. Basically i am trying to decal portions of a ship i am working on. the decals i have are colored with black around the edges. I would like to apply the decal to the model and then change the image so the black portion becomes transparent leaving the color portion of the decal. I am attaching the cample images i have along with a screen cap of the decal i am trying to apply. I need help to get this worked on tonight fo the AM meeting in philly tomorrow. [attachmentid=14532] here is one of the decals i am trying to apply. [attachmentid=14533] If someone could assist with a description on how to do this i would greatly appreciate it.
  4. I am looking for a tutorial or description on how to correct Sphere rendering. Where the endpoints meet. images of sphere rendering problem Any ideas? thanks Hubukai john@hubickey.com
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