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  1. i remember reading somewhere in A:M's tech reference book, the you could assign a prop to a model (but i can't remember what the function was called or what page it was on). that kinda sounds like the 'conform to' function in poser 7 which assigns clothing and props such as swords to a specific part of the loaded character. to make a long story short, how to i assign props to models in A:M? could i do the same thing with clothes as well as props? thanx hisako
  2. in some of my renders, the final image will have a yellow spot in it. It happens to me randomly with any model, any chor anything. For some reason it just drops this little yellow spot in front of the character. it is a very dibilitating and annoying issue. can any body help me fix this? thanx hisako
  3. the question is all in the title. All of my models use the same number of splines, bones, etc. how would i copy one pose from one to another? -hisako
  4. i'm not sure if this is 100% true, but i found that using an actual photo for a facemask on a character is better than painting one in photoshop or whatever. upon doing some research and looking at some high resolution 3d characters, it appears that they use high res photographs for texturing. i've tried going to stock photo websites to find images, but the results are not so good. does any body know where i can find or purchase high res images for 3d characters? -hisako
  5. I was looking into getting another computer and I was debating whether or not it should be a Mac or a PC. I created all of my A:M models (.mdl) using a Windows XP computer. If I wanted to buy a Mac, and transfer my .mdl files to it, would they still be compatible? Would they be able to open on the Mac? Thanx, -Hisako
  6. i like your rom pitt character's hair. did you apply a decal in the particle hair settings or did you just change the color, specular and ambiance settings of the hair?

    ps r your characters cyborgs (sciborg?) mine r 2 :) working on some new models

  7. okay here's one of my old models. ignoring the features (i like the anime look), how does the texture look. if it isn't good, what should i do to change it?
  8. all of my models use the same body and unfortunately they are all the same height. when i change the size of the model in the model window and pose her later, she poses incorrectly. i'm guessing it's becuase while splines change, the skeleton stays the same size. how do i change the model size and resize the skeleton at the same time?
  9. that's a good idea. i'll post an image later because i'm still working on the most recent rendition of my model. might take me a while to post however. should i post one of my older models? ( i don't like the way they look as much) -hisako
  10. i was just curious, should i change any of the render settings to make a picture look more realistic (of a human with a pretty good mapping semi real looking) -hisako
  11. thanx for always helping w/ the forum post avatar rob you seem to always be there when i need help; thanx :)

  12. this is good for only four months of work dude, good job i have humanoid figures too, but they're not animated yet. i'd also like to thank robcat too i believe he came along for quite a few of my topics (plus many other people; Rodney, Caroline, heyvern there were so many but you know who you are so thanx everybody
  13. i know this sounds stupid but as many times as i've been to this website, i can't figure out how to make an image appear under my name in the forum post area. i have an image on my page but some people have an image under their name every time the they post a comment. i just wanted to know how you do that, i can't find a setting for it anywhere.
  14. i have managed to collect some nice hair and eye textures from all of the poser characters i used to download, but as far as other things such as textures for clothes, buildings, cars and other non-human things i am lost as to where to go to find that. do any of you know any good websites that supply textures (especially for clothes) for cg? thanx - hisako -
  15. i was just wondering this because i saw a picture in one of the AM manuals where they had done this with a smiley face and some particle hairs laid out on a flat plain. I know in the particle hair settings there's a drop down menu to apply an image to each individual strand (am i describing this right?), but that's not what i want to do because while that looks nice, i'm trying to apply one image to the entire mass of hair as a whole and not one image on each strand. i feel applying the image one time on the entire mass would look nicer. is this confusing i'm sorry i don't know how to explain this any better than this but if needed i will clarify upon request. -hisako
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