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  1. hey Mark the models are great...I want to see more...
  2. Here are the links for more models http://p3d.in/ki7im http://p3d.in/8Gzp6 http://p3d.in/3ItAT http://p3d.in/6sNIG http://p3d.in/ebh2i http://p3d.in/6QOBl more to come later...
  3. greetings thefreshestever...there are 8 models uploaded, cliking on my nick (nino_banano) can see all, but this if you are loging in ...the models may have a little holes in the mesh, this is be cause the OBJ format don´t support double hooks, hooks in triangles, and hooks near to where the spline changes direction...some models need to fix that...so I´m going to fix them later...I like how you con see the whole model cliking the left / right, mouse´s buttons and scrolling the middle wheel to zoom it...
  4. Just the last week I found this site and I think is a good option for show your models, 100 mb for free, and the navigation to the models is with the mouse, as closer as you want in any degree, you can see the wires and turn 360 degrees as well, all you need is to export the model in OBJ with the normal outside and ready...I uploaded some without textures... here the link... http://p3d.in/8BYBB
  5. Hi higginsdj, just what I need , I need modeling only two more, like this reference image...thanks for share..
  6. Great modeling, David, so much skills there...very well done as always...
  7. Very well done...amazing modeling and renders, I like the concept
  8. I like this render, very convincing , very well done...
  9. Another render, trying the hair style...there is not textures for now, only color groups ...
  10. well I think the jacket is fine for now, I added a sword, a little changes... I did a test to the beard with hair material... so, that´s all for now---see ya...
  11. Thanks for the comment Rodney, Here are the last advances I just worked the jacket and others little details...I´ll post advances later
  12. I´m working the jacket in this character, I was thinking to do an animation only with two characters this is one of them...there are a lot of work to come modeling the weapons, hat, sword, a ship of course the second character, rigging them...uff...anyway I hope to have time to complete the project I´m thinking to do (Mod: Attachment Converted because BMP images cannot be viewed directly online)
  13. Nice rendering higginsdj...I think your animation will be great ...
  14. Thanks Ilidrake, I´ve been modeling a character that I´m going to use in my animation for the contest...I´m going to post advances later...
  15. nino banano

    Beer can

    Nice rendering...very well done
  16. good animation Bruce., I like a lot
  17. Hi Agep...very well done , you have a lot of work here, I like so much the details ...congrats
  18. Hello hashers this contest is a good idea for practice AM again...I was away to the forum for a long time... I´ll see you here
  19. thanks for your comment, wedgeeguy... I`ve been a little busy this days...so, I hope to update new advances this weekend...greetings
  20. I like the timing...very well done..
  21. looks great...you resolved it in a good way...the most important here for me is that conserve the same stile to the other characters. very well done, paradymx...
  22. good luck at the contest, jakerupert...you have my vote
  23. very well done mtpeak2...looks great
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