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  1. I loved Davids animations ...I wanted to see more...congrats
  2. That was nice....festive ....could come in handy in the future..thanks
  3. I hear Billy Crystals voice in my hear when watching...smile.....
  4. Wow..Color me very impressed !!! love it !!
  5. Always handy, thanks John .......
  6. Love it ! always enjoy seeing new creatures done with AM..
  7. John, that looks to be boxes with a mirror surface and some sort of mat effect or? just out of camera range ,maybe behind the camera..how far off am I..completely? Haven't looked at Prj. file yet, wanted to make a guess first.... Mike
  8. Freaky John ....... not you but the effect .... like it !
  9. Well I think I uploaded my entry to the FTP ...hope I did it correctly... Not exactly what I wanted to accomplish on the animation but was running short on time and wanted something to enter ...... I have enjoyed working on this for the contest, so thank you for having it ! Michael R Cossey
  10. Rodney, I doubt that was me ...... maybe another Mike? I did some live action stuff, animation and stills ..... not sure about tutorials.......
  11. Thought I'd post a challenge here to you John....or whomever... I've been trying to get this effect but on a grid not a sphere .....to be exact I want , lets say a grid representing a piece of cloth or paper then the MAt Effect to start in the middle creating a hole then the hole to expand and burn away like U seen in the planet burning effect ..... or for a real world example for us old folks who remember Bonanza the TV series , that intro where I think its a map being burnt, tho that one I think starts from the side......just wonder how good (or not) my memory is......off to Utube.... I can so far get the hole in there and it to expand but with no burning away effect. Thanks Mike C
  12. Yes John, I also would like to take a look at the project too.... that looks very cool, it some how jumps out of the screen, at least to me.... I like how your mind works, or lets say tinkers.... Mike
  13. Thanks Men, Think I'll try your trick Rodney if the current render looks funky to my eyes........nice idea too! Oh, I may have not been clear..I want a fast moving object in the scene to have MB ,but with test MB renders I seem? to get MB on my ocean movement which is moderate movement/motion..... Also rendering out separately is a good idea too, but never got comfortable with multi renders and compositing......that is, yet Thanks Mike C
  14. I have a scene with several motions ,sea ,ship rocking etc. when I apply MB will it effect those motions or only fast motions I specifically what MB applied to, some motions I have are not slow but I do not want MB on those.
  15. Cool Thanks........Im having a blast !
  16. rendered no bigger than 640x480 Thats an old resolution .... not sure who would render out to that .. what would be the equivalent to that at widescreen ? 640x480 = what in DVD (720x480) Panavision (my fav.) ((2048x871 (in AM)) could I go 1/3 of that and be OK? 683x290 Thanks, Mike C
  17. May I suggest starting a new User Account and make NO changes (default settings) to it at all and try running AM under that account.......I have had a load fo troubles (not including yours) specifically simcloth .......that works now on the new user acct. I'm win 7 64 bit and it's where all my SC troubles happen , not 32 bit .....do you have the same prob. under 32 bit? AM..... Wish U luck on this.. Also let me make this statement........I see no reason why this would fix your problem .... as I have no idea why I can simulate simcloth under this new user account and not my original U.A. which always crashed simcloth after version 17a 64 bit.
  18. Thanks John, That will come in handy !
  19. Love it Mr Spleen ! ....I play a little and just love that National ! Great Job !
  20. I just recently found a fix to a simcloth problem that has held me back on my entry...I have hopes to have it in by the deadline but I may not make it....... cross your fingers !! Mike C
  21. OK , after trying months to getting version past 17a 64bit (Win 7 64) simcloth not to crash when simming and having occasional success by changing permissions of how AM starts (admin etc) then later finding it wasn't working again ...I had givin up trying ..... but after not being able to view the resource monitor in task manager ..... I searched for a solution to it ...... so it looks like my user account was corrupt? Suggestion was to start a new user account, it worked ResMon started. So I started AM 17g 64 in it and tried simming a test simcloth prj. it simmed just fine!!!! ...I have my finger crossed but it sure looks like the corrupt User Account may have been the problem all along .......damn I hope so ...I pass this info along just in case someone else ends up having a similar problem.... Mike
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