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  1. Email me if you don't get replies from me here on the forum....life is hell right now (health/work and all)
  2. Mike Cossey here.. Now onto the Job...yes it will pay if I can get it done within budget. Budget?will try to do it through bidding If no bids are within budget, I will scrap the idea... What I will do is give here specific as possible guidelines and then you send me an email with a bid........if it is within budget, I will award you the Job..... If all bids are beyond budget, I'll have to scrap the idea. I will pay Half upfront, and the rest upon completion.... You MUST have a paypal account in order to get paid. I will not ask for any work to be submitted without you being paid. You can use any "free to use" (for any purpose) models etc I think I would like it to be done in the Monty Python style....check youtube for examples. (but am willing to listen to other ideas) Theme of the animation is OO7 / James Bond.....to go along with song Animation will be for a Music Video of an original song © Michael Cossey and Phil Wint Song is entitles "Shaken Not Stirred" Appx 3:30 sec long I would of course email you an MP3 version upon interest of job bid. NO copywritten images / art / models etc can be used in the animation. You will be specifically credited for your work in the video credits. This animation may be used as a money making venture.... Will go with that for now...... Ask any questions you wish..... I will expect you to give a timetable for completion of animation, once you have had a chance to formulate an approach to the animation. Be specific as possible or give a link to a similar animation for my approval. Kamikaze / Michael R Cossey kamikaze3557@gmail.com if you have general questions , they can be posted here..... once and if bid is accepted, will correspond through email... I have no real deadline set (yet)
  3. You'd better measure things first! Measure "things" never hear it called that before ...smile...
  4. I'll have to run this thru a life size 3D printer ! thanks !
  5. Cool characters !!!..love em !
  6. Oh Blender , watched the video, and thanks for the link and heads up !.... Thanks again Rodney
  7. Rodney, Complex..animal (human or otherwise) animation I have to do in actions, then blend them, which I have always found difficult, for me anyway, guess that's my only big thing holding me back..not that I'm great at any of it, but satisfied with my modeling .... I've learned not to try to be a perfectionist in anything I do, cause I never get to a point of completion ....... but always looking for ways to achieve a more satisfactory look, to my eyes (and or ears, in the case or music) ..... and on the dime....lol.... So for me as of now..... I stick to very simple animation and little non mechanical animations...... it's still all fun to see models come to life ! Mike
  8. Very very Cool Matt ! Congrats !
  9. Thanks Rodney, I enjoyed your insight .... sometimes (as my topic suggests) that I am not sure what I am asking ...lol.......I am so bad and slow at animating ....... I think I was on the wrong path ..... I've been trying to look into ways to track my motion, like ones sees on the extras of many movie DVDs where they have all those dots and that motion gets translated/converted? to some format for an animation format BVH? ...... I think what I'm finding is there is not simple way of doing this ..... I'd just like to video myself or others preforming an action and that go straight to the model ...lazy me, I know ....... or should I say..little free time, must be used wisely..... I can see where what you have explained can come in handy! Mike
  10. Rodney....Here is a video link about anime studio pro 8 and motion tracking..there are others.....
  11. AMers I was just checking out anime studio pros motion tracking on Utube and started wondering if there could be a way to use its MT and somehow incorporate this into AM rigging to animate a AM model? Thanks, Mike
  12. Kamikaze

    Classic UFO

    Very cute..hope that isn't to wimpy sounding sense it a damn fine looking model ....I think I had something looking like that as a child...wonderful memories! Thanks..........
  13. I want to personally thank Hash Inc. for allowing this thread to go on ..in the old days it would not have lasted a day or two, even if that long............Animation Master is by far the easiest to learn and most affordable software of it's kind (3d animation) including the free one that I have tried.......Rock On Hash ! One problem today is a lot of young ish folk would rather play games and do the facebook thing then do anything remotely constructive, they may talk about it but with no real intent to start ....I have 2 sons I've tried to get interested in AM or animation in general...it was a no go !
  14. Rodney, I doubt that was me ...... maybe another Mike? I did some live action stuff, animation and stills ..... not sure about tutorials.......
  15. Thanks Men, Think I'll try your trick Rodney if the current render looks funky to my eyes........nice idea too! Oh, I may have not been clear..I want a fast moving object in the scene to have MB ,but with test MB renders I seem? to get MB on my ocean movement which is moderate movement/motion..... Also rendering out separately is a good idea too, but never got comfortable with multi renders and compositing......that is, yet Thanks Mike C
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