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    Guitar<br />Song Writing<br />3D-Animation
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  1. Kamikaze

    What I'm working on...

    As long as your still at it ..... all's well .....!
  2. Kamikaze

    Buying a coffee shop

    I enjoy my morning ,noon and dinner coffee ..... where's the smellamation plugin?
  3. Kamikaze

    Tuckertown and other Stories

    I enjoyed all your drawings here but esp. the bathing suit model ...is she attached?...I mean single? Mike
  4. Kamikaze

    Tuckertown and other Stories

    Hang in there ...... I hear pain pills don't help much........ Oh BTW...I'm Back ...... and it's good to read you on the board ! Mike
  5. Happy Birthday Mike! :)

  6. Kamikaze

    Whitetail Deer, Buck

    Any suggestions on the best way to swap out antler types ? Im trying action objects at the moment..... Thanks
  7. Kamikaze

    Whitetail Deer, Buck

    Thanks for the encouragement fellas, I watched a hunting DVD where they shot the Buck when it was taking a crap, I would have waited tell he was through with his business before I did ..........
  8. Kamikaze

    Whitetail Deer, Buck

    Of late About all Ive done is work on this scene (just for fun), The trees in the background come off of the TWO models, and the corn is from leaves from a plant off of the extras DVD with a stalk I modeled. Same image twice, one with 35mm blur PE, seems to blurry to me, the other is the reg. render no PE.
  9. Kamikaze

    Whitetail Deer, Buck

    Rodney, Ill have to admit when I first saw that pic I thought , what? deer do that?, I have seen them in the wild running fast in flight of a deer dog, but as you know ,it is all a blur at reg speed., It is becoming difficult to rig this thing so be able to get good full extent motion from it just for posing, never mind animating (yet) I set up some smartskin for the rear legs and had to do some spline geometry correcting before hand. The neck is another story all together. Thanks for all the help and heads up, Im always appreciative... Mike
  10. Kamikaze

    Whitetail Deer, Buck

    MTspeak2, Ill check out that patch, I always seem to have probs with hair and 5pt patches, just changes the color of the hooves to blackish, later I will put more texture to it, thanks for the heads up!(checked out the 5pter its normal is correct, may have to increase the density of the hair there) Wow! Rodney, that will help alot, such great info...As far as the leg, I did pose it from some images I DLd from the net, but from the pic it was hard for me to tell exactly where to place things, the pic showed the rear legs going outside the front, and that was a bugger to pose, Ill attach the pic Im talking about. mikracken, I too , well, use to hunt WT here in Arky land, but Im not sure what part of the season this buck is, I hopefully will make ones for all seasons and including doe's and fawn's. Along with varying antler shapes and sizes, differing body shapes etc, but I may tire of this and start a new model and come back to this later once I have an animatable version. I working on getting different hair colors and looks at the moment... Thanks for the info, Ill use it as reference, The pic ,straight pose (working on a new bones setup, cant get the neck to full extents, head and neck up and head down for grazing) new hair attempts ,decal color , hair property changes, thinned the legs out a little, still have plenty of problems though. And the Ref. pic...
  11. Kamikaze

    Whitetail Deer, Buck

    Thanks for the comments guys.... Just a couple more pose shots,(I didn't post the terrible shot from the rear, LOL) I did more modifying of the geometry and bone placements, still a lot to be desired as far as animating goes.
  12. Kamikaze

    Whitetail Deer, Buck

    Thanks for the comments , and suggestions, and I agree with them all, now to figure out how to apply them, smile.... Gerry, that is odd, and I see what you mean , could I have the camera type set wrong? its straight up in the chor....Humm Rodney, Thanks for all the good suggestions, Ill see if I can post a more lifelike pose, and Im constantly looking for ways to tweak the model itself, Ill keep pushing its limits, keep me on my toes my friend....No actual major project for these yet, Im thinking of getting together a few self made nature models that could possibly be use in TV commercials here locally. Mark, Thanks for the suggestions, Ya know, when I go in close to rework the eyes I seem to think ,ok that looks plenty big enough, them when I back out and render, they still seem way too small, Ill keep on working on them...Ill take a look at the neck and tweak, thanks again, I agree...........geometry is not there yet. A slightly more natural pose, my rigging leaves a lot to be desired, this view seems to bring out more problems in the model, The last 2 pics I shortened the neck, enlarged the eyes/sockets and other bodily work....I want to redo the neck. (I may want to post this in that other forum, Im thinking about asking for a trade, if someone would want to trade a rigging job on this Whitetail they can have the model for their use, I wouldn't know what to sak for other than it be animatable,(is that a word, surly not the correct spelling if so) LOL, be able to be animated without deforming much, it may not be worth the effort involved for a decent rig.(Id email the rigger the model) Thanks, MIke
  13. Kamikaze

    Whitetail Deer, Buck

    Did some modding on the head geometry and hair color decal, also added color decal to antlers as well as a displacement decal for bumps on the antlers, and also increased the eyes size, but still look to small? head still seems its shaped oddly to me? 2 additional pics: Mike Thanks for the reply s and suggestions!
  14. Hashers, Here is my latest non mechanical model. used 3D painter for the decals for hair color, still trying to get a handle of this organic? modeling. Still have more hair grooming to do a touch up or two on the decals, and to texture the antlers. more work on the geometry proportions. More pics to come as model progresses. (Note: I used the unicorn model from the Extras DVD as a starting point, so much thanks to Eric Lindstrom, hope I got that right)
  15. Kamikaze

    Wannabe Pirates Speak Up

    My Gosh! this is so cool, thanks for showing us you work!