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    Animation Master, Games, sexy gals and my VERY messy room. Oh, and I kinda like Colin... and Rodney... and, well, just about the whole forum. Yea and Ken and seven saved me arse once.
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    Windows XP NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT (I feel like a traitor, but wow, this card rocks :P ) 2xCosair dualbank 512mb + 1xCosair 1024 mb 2.2 ghz AMD Athlon 64 socket 754 A very cute Asus MotherBoard that kicks ass 3x200 GB HDD, 1x120 GB HDD, 1x250 GB HDD

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    Joakim Tobiasson
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    Oslo, Norway
  1. That sounds like a bug to me Should be reported imo. But serriously: Holy underwearjeepers, Batman, that's pretty cool Mark!
  2. How... When... You just keep amazing me... J
  3. Cronos, this is quite the project! I'm loving the entire concept and the modeling and texturing is simply great! Keep it up! J
  4. Heheheeh, I love Family Guy... But where's his martini? Brian needs his martini! But serriously, nice model. Any chance you're gonna create the rest of the family?
  5. It's just so... so... what's the word... perfect? Yea, perfect, that's the word! If I had half the talent you have, I'd be working at Pixar by now.
  6. I'd have to agree with Mr. Sutton. 19.95 is such an appealing price. It won't blow anyone's budget, but it's also not free. Everybody wins!
  7. Gotta love autostitch. It's a very nice app to use if you wish to create a basic one frame environment-"dome" and works especially well if you add motionblurr to the camera if you plan on rotating in the dome. Of course, modeling the place would look better, but it would take about five thousand times the ammount of time xP J
  8. She's one hot bab... I mean one fine piece of art! Though it could be both, right? Yeh, it's both! J
  9. Whoa! Cool stuff! Smooth movement, great voice acting and very nice modeling! I loved it. J
  10. That's one sweet ride! Not long 'till you get to pimp it aswell xP Keep it up! J
  11. Hehehe, funny flick. I though it was quite nice and the story was funny. The CG was very nicely done, the timing clicked prefectly almost everywhere as far as my eye could see. How long did you spend making this? J
  12. As said before: The force is strong with this one (pun intended). AWESOME work, love the entire setting. The cloth just looks so natural and gentle. Great stuff! J
  13. Alfa Romeo, dammit! Where are your senses, people? Whatever the outcome of this poll is I'm looking forward to seeing the final model. J
  14. Who-ho-ho! Luckbat's back! ...or I'm back and Luckbat's here with new stuff! And it looks great. I really enjoyed every clip in this thread, it's a very good example of great things one can acomplish with tonn rendering. Cheers, J
  15. Haha, that kick made me laugh. Not because it looked bad, but because it looked like a four year old who was angry at something and reacted by kicking it. Again, that's not a bad thing, it actually fit in quite nicely. As mentioned above, the walk could use some work, but it it was some really good CG action, that's for sure. Cheers, J
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