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    Just your average norwegian

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    Animation Master, Games, sexy gals and my VERY messy room. Oh, and I kinda like Colin... and Rodney... and, well, just about the whole forum. Yea and Ken and seven saved me arse once.
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    Windows XP NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT (I feel like a traitor, but wow, this card rocks :P ) 2xCosair dualbank 512mb + 1xCosair 1024 mb 2.2 ghz AMD Athlon 64 socket 754 A very cute Asus MotherBoard that kicks ass 3x200 GB HDD, 1x120 GB HDD, 1x250 GB HDD

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    Joakim Tobiasson
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    Oslo, Norway
  1. Sooo, a 3rd person strategy/fps? Like... oh what's that game, the one where you control giant armies and can create a hero which you can control from a 3rd person view at certain times. Can't remember what it was called, but it was awesome.
  2. Rusty, I believe what T-Dogg ment is that when he, for instance, put a model in my library in A:M and later move it to another folder, out of A:M, the model/material/anything really disappears/breaks in the A:M library, will this application relocate them automaticly or will they become a broken path like they do in the normal A:M library? Cheers, J Btw, thnx for the app, gonna give it a try later on.
  3. I might buy this game for my unlce, he's a minister not far from Oslo(where I live), if it's possible to get it shipped to Norway?
  4. Aaver, I think the whole "terrain wizard" idea is awesome! Keep ut the thinking!
  5. My biggest dream ever is to get to work for a company like Rockstar... Ohhh, I wanna grow up soon!
  6. Kuep, make sure you don't have the "." in aswell. What OS are you running, I know Windows supports FTP, but not if Mac does... EDIT: and btw, dl'ing it as I write : )
  7. Garrr, I think it's a great idea! I may not be using the service in a few, eh... some years, but still, I would love to have it as an opportunity!
  8. Very nice, although you seem to've missed a CP on the front, middle, sliiiightly to my left on his throat.
  9. Mr. Jaqe


    I wanted to be there really really really really, a whole lot, much, but "noooo", it had to be during my pre-exams... I'm both a "kid" and a "fan boy", but I'll still try to get there next year.
  10. I only have one question: can she sleep on her belly?
  11. I love this tutorial!! And I love you aswell!! And Rodney! And Kamikaze! And my cat! And my parrents car! And... and... what was I thanking you for again? Love your tutorial though.
  12. I like the type that I can download, rigs itself and that assigns itself to the correct CP's. Havn't found one yet, but I'm still looking.
  13. Thank you. I actually wasn't expecting any replies after so many days of silence. I have added smartskin to some of my bones, but I've started to spend some time with my nose in anatopmy book, to check that everything moves correctly. This will take time...
  14. Here's what I think: 1. Tell people about the god damn contest(s)!! I know about it now, but I spent 2 months in this great forum hearing nothning but rumours about theese great contests. Maybe a pin'd topic in the New Users section? 2. I would love to enter, but so faar I've been arround for one contest that I heard about a week before deadline. Imagine a newbie trying to compose a model, a scene and a good setting in a week when he also has a lot of school to deal with. 3. I agree! To few people are entering! And many that think "I'm not good enough" are more than good enough, because there is no such thing as "not good enoug"!! SO FORGET "not good enough"!! (I hope all doubters heard that). 4. I can't come up with anything else... Just enter the contest and have fun using A:M. (and listen to the nice man wearing a blue, sometimes red, tight suit).
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