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  1. They ran a successful Kickstarter in early 2017, raising $128K+ for a single episode. As of yet, they've note delivered it or any of the rewards to their backers. The latest update (from June) says something about them pitching it as a feature and gives vague details on the rewards, but doesn't mention the actual episode at all. The backers' comments are harsh. A comment from the producers said that everything would be shipped by the end of July, but a comment from a week ago indicates that not only have they not received them, but there's been no further updates. Backers are commenting that they will never support a Kickstarter campaign again. I'm thinking they expected to get a TV development deal and when that didn't happen, they abandoned the season of 22 episodes and turned to the idea of making a feature out of the first two episodes, hoping to get financing for that. What's rotten is they don't seem to be telling their backers what is going on. I really wonder about some of these Kickstarters. I supported a documentary about Mad Magazine in January of 2013 that still hasn't finished. Their last update was last December saying that because Mad Magazine was moving their offices to Los Angeles, they needed to rework the ending of the documentary. That's fine, but still no ETA on when it will be finished. Even just a "we haven't died and we're still working on it" update once a month would go along way for the backers and doesn't take more than a few minutes to do.
  2. Can't go back to 1930 and not have a Model A Ford! This was a fun challenge. The great thing is that it's basically the only car I need for the time period.
  3. This is such a basic thing I wonder if there's a particular reason that it can't be done... We can scale and translate Rotoscopes, but we can't rotate them. This would come in very handy when you have rotos that aren't oriented correctly in an image. Is there an in-app workaround that I just don't know about? Is this something that could be implemented easily?
  4. Yeah, it's really geared entirely for doing product shots or product-concepts, and it does that well. Other than that, it's kind of fruitless. I do like how you can click a lighting setup and see it applied immediately, but I don't like not being able to add lights and move them around. [EDIT] I guess you can kind of control the lighting by playing with the control sliders for "sunlight."
  5. I experimented with it today just to see how easy it would be to bring a character in and it worked surprisingly well. I exported this as an OBJ out of an action window and was even able to play with the materials inside of Dimensions.
  6. It's the final day of my Kickstarter for Stalled Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever! It's very close to reaching the 4K goal, which means I'll likely be remastering "Amutt Time" in HD! If you want your name in the credits, this is your last chance... My Kickstarter.
  7. The original Robin in the 40s was only 8 years old, but I think most of the Robins have been older. You might split the difference and go 4'6" if you want to keep the contrast between them. According to Google, the average height of a ten year old boy is 54.5"
  8. Welcome to the forums! You can request a trial version on this page.
  9. I played with this some when it was called "Project Felix" and posted some renders here. Last year, I used it for a mockup to show what a cardboard standee would look like in a lobby. I did find the renders to be quite slow and there were some buggy instances where it wouldn't render the full shadow and left a pixelated hole in the center. It is fun to play with, though.
  10. Thanks, Guys! Big thanks, Doug! Im excited about this one. Its the big one.
  11. I purchased these photoshop brushes recently but haven't used them yet. I thought they would be a great way to create skies with clouds. 52 Photoshop Cloud Brushes.
  12. Thanks, Rodney. That was a very pleasant surprise. I was hoping to make it in 24 hours, but I certainly didn't think I'd get there in 7. I've been getting messages from all these third party businesses that promise to help you reach your goal and I'm like, a little late, pal. :-) I'm pondering the stretch goals now. Somebody asked me if it got to $12,000, would I do two episodes? I hadn't even considered it, but I think I would. I doubt it will ever reach that kind of level, though. :-) I am considering making a $6K reward where I would re-render Amutt Time in HD and include it on the blu-ray. It would be a ton of work on my end, so I haven't decided yet. If it were to happen, I'd do "Balance of Terrier," which would pretty much bring the whole Stalled Trek thing to completion for me. At least as far as the ones I'd really considered doing. It would be neat to have them all on one disc, but I think it's highly unlikely.
  13. Hi Guys! Just launched my Kickstarter this morning to make Blu-Rays of "The City on the Edge of Foreclosure!" You can check it out here. I'd love your support, but I also appreciate spreading the word. Cheers! Mark
  14. It might help if you got your new computer's MAC address and sent it to support along with your order#. I think they need those to generate the serial number. San Diego Comic Con was last weekend. They usually go and I wouldn't be surprised by them needing to recover and then play catch-up.
  15. I'm sure that's the same issue, Robert, thanks.
  16. I'm just as tech unsavvy, Simon. :-) I want to say that I've had situations where the renders have gone unnaturally long. I usually turn off reflections and particles. For some reason particles seems to turn itself back on, so I check it each time. There also used to be a situation where something would be missing that would cause it to try to render forever without getting anywhere. Unfortunately, I no longer remember what it was specifically that caused it. [EDIT Now that I've thought about it, I think it might have been a missing image in a material.] I like to keep my render times down, so I also usually resort to rendering the background separate (unless there's a camera move) so that I can just render the figure(s) solo in the foreground. I do believe that there's a lot you can accomplish between lighting and post-effects to make a render look good without excessive render times.
  17. Hey, can someone check to see if creating a pose and editing it works correctly in version 19F? I'm in the middle of something and had to go back a version to get it to work, so can't make a choreography to report it. On the Mac side, it makes the indicator on the pose slider bar disappear. You can click on it and move around and things will happen, but the bar remains blank. On the Windows side, it seemed to appear while you were actually clicking on it, but then disappeared once you unclicked. It might just be something on my side, but wanted to make sure.
  18. Just to test, I followed Rob's link to that benchmark and just ran it on the 64-bit version of the Windows A:M (v19f) on Parallels and the small test rendered in 17:58. It says when I ran it on the Mac version, it took 21:51. That was using the version of A:M from May of 2017, so it's not quite a direct-to-direct, but it does seem like the Windows version renders faster ...even under emulation.
  19. I would expect the Windows app running on Windows to be the fastest version. Just on a couple of rudimentary tests, I didn't notice a large difference between the Windows version running Parallels and the Mac version. I haven't attempted a very large render on it, though.
  20. Being able to hide the pieces easily definitely was a thought at the time, but the reality is that I can open up the model and hide portions nearly as easily or make copies of the model with different sections deleted or patches changed. If I were making a new episode every week, the modularity would be more advantageous. As it is, I only have one sequence on the bridge and it since it didn't require the full 360, I didn't model the parts I know won't be seen.
  21. As a MacOS user, I would say go for the Windows side. Running the latest MacOS (High Sierra, which your iMac would be), you get a warning message when you launch A:M that it won't be supported in the near future because they are phasing out support for 32-bit apps. Beyond that, there are a few plug-ins and things that only work on the Windows side.
  22. The only other option is BootCamp, which would require me to partition my hard drive and restart my computer every time I wanted to use Windows. It's definitely in the "as a last resort" category. David, I do have a graphics card (it's an AMD Radeon R9 M390 with 2GB of VRAM), but for whatever reason, Parallels doesn't use it and there's no way to make it use it. They explain it this way:
  23. Yes, but switching it didn't fix the problem. There's also an option in Parallels to switch between DirectX 10 or 9 and that didn't fix it, either. According to the company:
  24. Well, I got A:M running and it's unfortunately, a mixed bag. The application runs perfectly well with no lag. The only downside is that Parallels uses a virtualization of the graphics card and it makes viewing realtime shaded view unusable. I can work in wireframe and just do lots of quick renders to see what things look like, but if I switch to shaded or shaded-wireframe, I get artifact on top of artifact and it all becomes pixelated static. It seems to me that I ran into this problem before and that's why I abandoned it before. On the positive side, interaction with my Mac files is seamless. I don't have to make copies of files and put them in the virtualization. Windows' desktop mirrors my Mac desktop and I can access my Mac directory via Windows to open a file. It handles the retina display very well, too.
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